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Road Trip Norway – Lofoten to North Cape.

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Road Trip Norway - Lofoten to North Cape - Luxury Travel Hacks

Love a good road trip? Norway is for you! This country is one of the most popular destinations for many reasons. Nature, wildlife, culture and food are just a few of the reasons why people love the northern experience so much.

While a lot of tourists and visitors imagine that they’ll do most of their getting around by taxi, train or bus, it’s not the only way to get around.

If you want to get to see more of this beautiful country, consider a road trip of Norway!

A road trip gives you access to roads, attractions and sights that you wouldn’t have seen as a tourist moving through Norway on a bus – and it can mean an unforgettable connection with Norway that you’ll think back to for the rest of your life!

Here’s how to prepare for a road trip in Norway, including why to choose Norway in the first place, what you should know about your license and what route to take for the best possible Norwegian road trip you’ll ever take.

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Guest Post By Niels Thomas

Why Norway?

A Norway holiday is great.

Internationally, you’ll often find Norway mentioned in the same name as some of the best bands in the world, and some of the most picturesque nature attractions. Norway holidays always get mentioned whenever people talk about oceans, snow and whale-watching – but the first thing you should know as a potential or first-time visitor to Norway is that it’s about a lot more than this!

Are you ready? Norway also has great people, great food, great restaurants, great museums – and well, like the opening sentence says, Norway is great overall.

Choose the home country of Thor for an unforgettable experience and choose the Lofoten islands for your next trip out on the road!

Scenery - Norway Holidays - Lofoten to North Cape - Luxury Travel Hacks

Vehicle Licenses in Norway

The first thing you should know about vehicle licenses in Norway is that you can drive here if you have a valid driver’s license anywhere else in the world – and you don’t have to take an additional driving test like many other countries require to do it.

Driving licenses from most parts of the world either (1) are valid in their current state for people who want to drive in Norway, or (2) can be exchanged for a valid license that lasts for three months.

Cars work exactly the same in Norway as they do anywhere else.

If you’re used to driving anywhere else, you’ll be fine (and allowed!) to drive in Norway.

Driving in Norway

Here’s something that you might want to write down somewhere important, especially if the part of the world you originate from isn’t used to doing things this way: People in Norway drive on the right side of the road!

Keep this in mind for any driving or turning that you intend to do for the safety of the people in the car and everyone around it. This might take some repetition if you’re used to doing anything else most of the time, but for your own safety, remember it!

Remember to also look for any signs that indicate the road is a potential double-lane or “one-way” where the right of way goes only in one direction. If it’s a one way, there’s no left or right, and you could end up facing the wrong side of traffic if you missed the sign.

The Basics of a Road Trip - Norway

There are several different routes you could potentially use to plan your trip, but one of the best suggested routes for a road trip through Norway starts at Bodø.

This is where we’d recommend you find your vehicle rental: There are plenty of car rental companies here who can provide you with an affordable four-wheeled horse to take on the road!

From here, you can find a ferry to Lofoten Island (which you’ll find on Google Maps as Moskenes Ferryport).

Why a ferry? It allows you to take your car with you from one end to the other. (It’s easier this way – trust me.)

From there, your official road trip kicks off – and you can drive right from there all the way up to the North Cape.

(Yes, Norway has a Cape as well: Just like Cape Canaveral or Cape Town, South Africa. You’ll really want to see it, and a combination of car rental (or campervan rental), ferry and road trip is the best way for you to get there – guaranteed!)

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Lofoten to North Cape: The Route and More

Once you’re off the ferry from Bodø, it’s the official start of your road trip – and you’re ready to hit the road. Lofoten to North Cape is the most direct route with the most to see along the way, which makes it deal for anyone who wants to get to see the great Norwegian North Cape and everything else in-between.

  • Use Google Maps to look up “Lofoten to North Cape” to see a bird’s eye-view of your estimated route, see more detailed directions and find nearby attractions for your Lofoten road trip itinerary.
  • How to get to the North Cape? On a Lofoten road trip, you’ll pass areas called Reine Henningsvær, Svolvær, Tromsø, Alta – and then you’ll get to the end-destination of your trip: The gorgeous North Cape.
  • Confused? Nordkapp is another word used to refer to North Cape once you’re in Norway: Type it into Google instead and you’ll find that your results are far more local!

Remember to pack essentials like your first-aid kit, your power-bank for extra battery life and extra memory cards for more memories of the trip! An extra jerrycan with gas is also wise. ;)

How to Get to North Cape: Stop at Every Town!

How to get to the North Cape isn’t a simple straight journey: There are so many cool things to do and see that you’ll be tempted to stop at every town I have mentioned!

Here’s a quick look at some of what you’ll see while making your way to the North Cape via Lofoten:

Scenery - Road Trip Norway - Lofoten to North Cape - Luxury Travel Hacks

LOFOTEN: The Lofotor Viking Museum & Kvalvika Beach

The Lofotr Viking Museum

One of the first (and possibly coolest) things i recommend for most visitors to Norway as a must-see attraction is the Lofotr (or Lofoten) Viking Museum, located exactly where you would guess from the name. Here, you’ll find everything you wanted to know about vikings – including artifacts that you can’t get to see anywhere else in the world.

Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika Beach is one of many beaches in Norway, and the perfect place to go if you’re passing through Lofoten and looking for a scenic place to stop, breathe or stretch.

REINE: Reinefjorden & Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure


You’ll see a lot of fjords – also called fjorden in local languages! – when visiting Norway. When passing through Reine, there’s the Reinefjorden: It’s a perfect place to stop for kayaking with some more activities for nature lovers while you’re there.

Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure

Look up the Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure if you’re a nature lover of any fitness level. Here you’ll find a great tour with several actives that includes hiking.

HENNNINGSVÆR: KaviarFactory & Gallery Lofoten


Henningsvær is where you go for art, and KaviarFactory is one of many great, famed art galleries that any visitor to the area should stop at just to take in the beauty that you’ll find here.

Gallery Lofoten

Gallery Lofoten is another art gallery to stop at for the sights. It’s on the same route as the KaviarFactory, so you’ll pass it while making your way through on the road.

SVOLVÆR: The Lofoten War Memorial Museum & Svinøya

The Lofoten War Memorial Museum

When going through Svolvær, you should make a stop at the Lofoten War Memorial Museum: A great part of local history and culture can be found over here and there are tours that have something for everyone.


Another thing to see when driving through this area on your road trip is Svinøya: You can book a tour here for hiking and other nature-based sight-seeing, which provides plenty of photo opportunities you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

TROMSØ: Whale Watching & Polaria

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most popular activities in Norway and one of the most popular thing to do in Tromso. Tromso is one of the best places in the world to see orcas and it is a must do. 


Polaria is one of the world’s most unique aquarium spaces: It blends together the beauty of ice and snow together with the creatures that live in it for a gorgeous experience you can’t possibly forget (or skip out on when you’re visiting).

Scenery - Road Trip Norway - Lofoten Road Trip - Luxury Travel Hacks

ALTA: Altafjord & Cathedral of the Northern Lights


As far as fjords go, there’s also Altafjord: Great for hiking, walking, picnics, photos and any other things you can possibly think of to do nearing the fjords. It’s gorgeous: Don’t miss it!

Cathedral of the Northern Lights

The appearance of the Northern Lights is one of the attractions Norway is famous for at the right time of the year. Near the end-destination of your road trip, you’ll get to the Cathedral of the Northern Lights, one of the best places in Norway to get to see it.

NORTH CAPE: You Have Arrived!

Firstly, ENJOY it! Secondly if you are there in summer witness the midnight sun, where the sun doesn’t go below the horizon. Such a great an unique experience and one you won’t forget. 

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Niels Thomas is a fanatic traveller and wildlife expert, He enjoys educating his readers about the importance of the conservation of endangered wildlife species and how eco-friendly business can support this idea.