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Why I Decided I Had To Visit Antarctica

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Why I Decided I Had To Visit Antarctica - The Traveller's Guide By #ljojlo

‘Why the hell would you want to go there?’

A question I heard over and over when I mentioned I was planning to visit Antarctica! It got me thinking, why do I want to go? To be honest, in the beginning, I was not entirely sure, but as I thought about it more, I narrowed it down.

Being Australian we are used to heat, sand, sun and the ocean (just check out the photos above). Don’t get me wrong I love the heat, sand, sun and the ocean as much as the next Aussie but it is something so common to us. I saw snow for the first time when I was 16 in Australia. The majority of it was fake created by snow machines because it was a bad season but I loved it. However, I never did see it snowing. Switzerland was where I witnessed that phenomenon. To this day I will never forget the realisation that when it is snowing lightly with no wind, you can’t hear it. Something I never expected or had never experienced until that moment. I can still close my eyes and picture it as I stood silently watching the snow fall lightly. It was magical!

Could you get any more #NewZealand? Scenery, #sheep, #snow and a #lake!

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On a whim, I went to New Zealand. Zero expectations and zero knowledge. Driving around in a campervan through Fiordland, experiencing the likes of Milford Sound and enjoying the Southern Alps along the South Island is something I will also never forget. Honestly, it is one of my favourite places in the world and if you haven’t experienced it yet get on your horse and go. But why did I love it? Well, again it was the realisation that there is such beauty outside of Australia. The sheer cliffs, the deep water, the snow-capped mountains, the temperate rainforest and glaciers, all were WOW! Aspects of scenery I had never experienced in Australia, and yet I loved. And hence, I continually plan to head back to New Zealand whenever the opportunity arises.

There really is nothing more magical than the scenery witnessed on the #landofthelongwhitecloud #NewZealand

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With a new found love for snow and incredible scenery I knew I was on the hunt for more. Hey, us travellers are selfish. Once we see something amazing, we are forever on the hunt for something more. It is almost drug-like, don’t you think? And so I needed to know how to get to Antarctica.

One weekend on the couch dreaming of my next travels I saw a segment on Getaway, an Australian travel show, which barely exists now. They went to Antarctica. They showed snow. They showed mountains. They showed glaciers bigger than Franz Josef and Fox Glacier in New Zealand. They showed wildlife. They explained the best time to visit Antarctica. They showed humans stepping foot onto the continent after they navigated their way to shore on zodiacs weaving their way between icebergs and ice. My addiction kicked in! Antarctica was bigger, better and colder and I knew I had to go. It was at this point Antarctica became the number one on my bucket list destinations and the saving begun. Oh, and saving I did.

Visit Antarctica, the photos below say it all!!

12 thoughts on “Why I Decided I Had To Visit Antarctica”

  1. Antarctica is the top destination on my bucket list! I’m pretty sure some people think I’m crazy when I tell them I want to go there! But ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of going there to see the penguins someday! 🙂

    Your Antarctica photos on Instagram are stunning! The scenery there looks out of this world!

    1. #ljojlo - Lauren

      And penguins there is ?! They are every where. I really hope you make it down there one day because it is 100% worth it ?

  2. I’m hoping to go to Antarctica in December or January. One last stop before I can say I’ve been to all 7 continents! People think it’s crazy, but from what I’ve seen it’s breathtaking!

    1. #ljojlo - Lauren

      It most certainly is breath taking! The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Definitely get there if you can ?. I know it can be a bit cheaper in March because it is coming to the end of the season if that helps ?

  3. I’m Canadian so snow is all too common here (we actually just had a bit of a blizzard yesterday) but even though I am used to it I do love it-its so beautiful. And I’d totally go to Antarctica!

    1. #ljojlo - Lauren

      I couldn’t agree more! Snow is just magical and that paired with the majestic scenery in Antarctica make it AMAZING! I hope you make it down there one day ?

  4. Kyntra Strickland

    The scenery looks amazing! I would love to go to Antartica one day. With the price it takes to get there it is a little lower on my bucket list. However, I totally plan to make it there one day! Thank you for sharing your experience and how your love for winter grew.

    1. #ljojlo - Lauren

      I hope you do make it there one day! I honestly believe it will start to get a bit cheaper with time. More and more ships seem to be heading that way, which is great but bad at the same time. If you ever need any advice please do let me know ?.

  5. Wow your photos are incredible! I want to go so, so badly – it’s very high on my bucket list! My only concern is that I get terribly seasick. Were the waters really rough on your trip?

    1. #ljojlo - Lauren

      We were very very lucky because the Drake Passage was labelled the Drake Lake when we crossed. It was a flat as can be. We did have some roughish seas around the Falkland Islands but I still didn’t get sick. We went on a slightly bigger boat so I think that helped ?. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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