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5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway: Itinerary incl. the Fjords

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5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway_ Itinerary incl. the Fjords - Luxury Travel Hacks

Thinking about road tripping Norway? Not sure where to start with your road trip tour of Norway? Well, you have come to the right place. This 5 day Norwegian Itinerary including some of Norway’s most incredible fjords will have you hooked and ready to book this ultimate road trip

Disclaimer: This road trip Norway itinerary is valid for driving during Norway’s summer months. Ferries close, as do roads, as do businesses, in Norway’s fjord country in the winter months…and the fall months…and sometimes well into spring. If your Norway holidays involve travelling outside of the summer months, check your maps apps then double check your maps apps before hitting the road! 

Table of Contents

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Guest Post By Agnes

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Day 1: Arrival in Ålesund to Start your Tour of Norway

Our Norway road trip itinerary starts in Ålesund. If you’re already spending your holidays in Norway, most flights will connect to Ålesund through Oslo. From Oslo, there’s typically one flight in the morning and multiple flights throughout the afternoon and evening. If you’ve got at least eight hours to spare, trains to Åndalsnes from Oslo are scenic, despite their length, after which a bus meets you for the last leg of your journey to Ålesund.  

Upon arrival in Ålesund, pick up a car at the airport. We used Avis, as it was the cheapest at the time. Brace yourself for large fees if you’re dropping your car off at a different city than you picked it up at, which on this trip, you will be. And if you’re not comfortable with manual transmission, make sure you note that on your reservation, as manual cars are the standard in Norway. I don’t think I could even turn a stick-shift car on, let alone navigate it through fjord country. Otherwise, driving in Norway is quite straightforward.

Ålesund - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks

Highlights of Ålesund

You’ll be spending your first day in Ålesund, as you’ve most likely arrived in the afternoon. Check out highlights below:


A must while in Ålesund is the viewpoint from Aksla. Stretch your legs by climbing up the 418 steps from the Town Park if you don’t want to drive up or take the city train. Reward yourself with a sweet treat from the cafe at the top; they serve scrumptious svele, or butter cakes. 

Art-Nouveau District

Walk off the sugar rush with a tour of Ålesund’s beautiful architecture, all rebuilt after a fire in 1904 decimated most of the town’s city center. 

Atlantic Sea-Park

I’m a sucker for a good aquarium, and this one delivers. Ålesund’s Atlantic Sea-Park boasts one of Scandinavia’s largest saltwater aquariums and beautiful views of the town’s maritime surroundings. Hours are 11am-4pm Mon-Sat, and 11am-6pm Sun. Tickets are around 20 USD. 

Hungry Yet?

Food options in Scandinavia are generally not the most budget-friendly, and Norway’s no exception. But Ålesund has a few options that won’t break the bank. 

This casual eatery for quick bites is from the same staff who ran the popular Lyspunktet cafe, which is now closed. They continue to expand their menu, but their fish soup and pastry menu are favorites. Hours are 11am-5pm Mon, 8:30am-9:30pm Tues-Fri, 10am-6pm Sat, and noon-6pm Sun.

Despite a large menu, the focus here is on the fish and chips and the secret family recipe they use in the batter. Hours are 11am-11pm Sun-Thurs, and 11am-3:30pm Fri-Sat.

Your overnight will be in Ålesund. You’ll have a car, so location isn’t as important here, but staying in the city center will offer more walking opportunities at mealtimes. 

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Day 2: Ålesund to Geiranger of your Norway Itinerary

Your tour of Norway continues on the road today. The shortest route to Geiranger from Ålesund is about two-and-a-half hours, including one ferry. But you’d miss out on some of Norway’s famous scenic driving routes that way. On this route, you’ll have about four hours of driving, so pick up a bagged lunch and snacks from Ålesund before you hit the road. You don’t want hanger to affect your fabulous fjord times.

Ålesund to Trollstigen

The drive from Ålesund to Trollstigen, your first stop on your scenic route, is two hours. The last leg will take you onto Road 63, a scenic regional route with panoramic vistas. As you approach Trollstigen, translated to “The Trolls Road,” you’ll experience some of the country’s iconic hairpin turns. It’s best to pull over to check out the views so you’re keeping your eyes on the road! 

Once at Trollstigen, stretch your legs at the viewing platform, labeled The Trolls Path Viewpoint on Google maps. Two hundred meters above the road, the platform lets you see all the way down to the mountainside.

Trollstigen - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks

Road 63

Continue your drive to Geiranger, driving south on Road 63. You’ll need to take a ferry as you approach Linge. The Eidsdal-Linge/Fv63 ferry comes every 15-20 minutes, and the crossing time is 12 minutes. You can pay for the ferry right before boarding, and use a credit card. You don’t need to rush to make it, as the last ferry runs around 11pm. Check out the ferry timetables here

If you still have some daylight, stop by the Ornesvingen, or the Eagle Road. (If you lingered on the way down, you can save this for tomorrow!) You’ll experience more hairpin turns, so it’s not a bad time for a brake check, and magnificent views of Norway’s fjord country, the Seven Sisters Falls, and the alpine farm Knivsflå.

Eagle Road - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks
Eagle Road

Geiranger will be where you stay for the night. A good option for lodging is the Hotel Utsikten,  which offers its own scenic views from most of its rooms.

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Day 3: Geiranger, One of the Best Fjords in Norway

You’re now in Geiranger, home to Geirangerfjorden, or the Geiranger Fjord. This is the big one, at the top of the best fjords in Norway. It’s UNESCO-identified and the stuff of all of your Norway dreams. 

Geiranger - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks

So what are the main Norway tourist attractions in the area? 

Storsæterfossen Waterfall

This hike begins outside the Westerås Restaurant. The highlight is on your approach to the waterfall, where you’re able to walk on a path behind the falls. This is also where backups occur with other hikers, so feel free to bypass the large groups. The trail is marked well, but can be a bit strenuous if you’re not fittest individual. Allow 2 1/2-3 hours for the journey roundtrip. 

The Lower Fjord

Beginning at the villa Westeras Gard, you can connect to Vesterasfjellet, a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the cruise ship terminal below. (Watching folks amble off cruise ships isn’t so fun, but the view of the fjord below is quite lovely.) On your way, you’ll run into herds of sheep and goats that defy cuteness. 

Sheep & Goats - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks


If you’re staying at the Hotel Utsikten, this impressive view if just up the road and a beautiful spot to take in less crowded views of Geirangerfjorden. There are two viewing areas, an upper and a lower. 

Geiranger Sjokolade

Ok, it can’t be all vistas, and you’ll have to go into town at some point for sustenance. You’ll smell the chocolates happening at this place well before you’re there. Chocolate-maker Bengt Dahlberg sells both traditional and more unique tastes, including cloudberry truffles. Hours are 8:30am-8:15pm daily.

While you’re in town, you can grab a bite to eat that isn’t chocolate (I guess) and pick up snacks and a bagged lunch for another day of driving tomorrow. Brasserie Posten boasts an outside terrace, but as you’re in town, your fjord views may be blocked by cruise ship tourists. The food there is still yummy and prices aren’t exorbitant for this part of the world. Hours are 10am-4pm daily in the summer months. 

Geiranger Fjord - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks
Busy Geiranger Fjord

You’ll be staying in Geiranger again overnight. 

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Day 4: Geiranger to Fjaerland

The fastest route to Fjaerland is about three hours, but you’ll be making a stop along the way at the Geiranger Skywalk-Dalsnibba.


The skywalk is about 10 miles south of Geiranger, only accessible via a toll road. If you buy a ticket ahead of time on the skywalk’s online booking system, you’ll just need to scan it at the toll station. You’ll save some time this way, as this is a popular stop for all of the tour buses. Tickets are around 15 USD. 

Once at the skywalk, you’ll be treated to more than crowds. The guard rail at the viewing platform is glass along two sides, making for spectacular views of the fjord down below, as well as the glaciers you’ll be driving to next on this journey.

Glacier Country

Continue on to Fjaerland, Norway’s glacier country. Jostedalsbreen, or the Jostedal Glacier, is continental Europe’s largest glacier. While in Fjaerland, you’ll be within touching distance of this natural wonder. While driving down, make a pit stop at the Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalparksenter, where you’ll be able to see the glacial tongues from the parking lot at the main tourist center. (A glacial tongue, or a long sheet of ice, is just an extension of a glacier. It quite literally looks like a tongue.)

Once you’ve made it to Fjaerland proper, you’ve got some options to get your glacial exploration on.

Jostedal Glacier - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks
Jostedal Glacier


Boyabreen is a side branch of the main Jostedal Glacier. You can see it right off the main road in Fjaerland, or, better yet, while having some lunch at the Brevasshytta restaurant. You can see it right out their windows while you’re having what’s essentially cafeteria-style food. 

Glacier - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks


This is another side branch of the main glacier. There’s a car park that allows for easy access. From there, it’s a muddy stroll up to see the ice in all of its awesomeness. No one’s policing how close you get to the glacier, so be careful. We saw a dog jumping into those cold waters when we were there, which gave me some anxiety until I could tell it looked like he’d done that before.

If you’re escaping a drizzle, or just want to learn more about glaciers and how they’re formed, this museum is a good stop. It also makes no bones about discussing the effects of climate change on the world’s glaciers, which I appreciated. Beware of the polar bear in the bathroom! Hours are 10am-4pm in April and October, and 9am-7pm May-September. The museum is open only to groups in March and November. Tickets are around 14 USD. 

Main Street

If you’re interested in any guided hiking opportunities, or a guide to marked walking routes near town, visit the tourist office in the Bok & Bilde bookshop on Fjaerland’s Main Street. Shops close up very early, though, so stop here first if you need maps! They’ll help you choose a hike based on your time constraints – and level of fitness. A popular hike in the area is up to the Flatbreen glacier and the Flatbrehytta cabin, which takes the average person about three hours.

Fjaerland Fjord Kayak

If you really want to get personal with fjord country, renting a kayak is an excellent way to do so. You’ll want reservations ahead of time, available here

You’ll be staying in Fjaerland overnight. There aren’t many food options in and around town. We actually canceled a pricey, seated dinner reservation at the Fjordstove Hotel because we found pizza and beer (and pear cider) at the Boyum Camping Ground after a day of exploring.

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Day 5: Fjaerland to Bergen to Finish your Tour of Norway

This is your last day of driving. Your drive to Bergen, a popular stop on any Norway itinerary, from Fjaerland will take at least four hours. As we felt we had done Fjaerland justice, we hit the road in the morning, arriving in Bergen around lunchtime. We dropped our car off at the downtown Avis, and explored the rest of the day on foot. However, if you are looking for more adventure approximately 3 hour drive from Bergen is the famous Trolltunga hike. This hard hike is not to be underestimated so be sure to do your research before embarking. 

Highlights of Bergen

As our full day in Bergen the following day called for rain, we got in as many outdoor activities on our half day as we could. Highlights included:

Mount Floyen

You can either hike up to this viewpoint or ride the Floibanen funicular all the way up. The funicular will cost you around 6 USD. If you want to hike up, you’ll start at the same station as the funicular. Don’t use your Google maps to get up there, as they always try to give you the shortest route. You’ll end up on a tour of people’s homes and and steep driveways. Just follow the switchbacks all the way up from the station below. Either way, you’ll be treated to beautiful vistas of Bergen. 

Once you’re there, you’ll encounter snack/cocktail opportunities, so it’s a nice spot to take a break and take in the view. You can also visit the beautiful Skomakerdiket, or Shoemaker’s Lake, and the Troll Forest when you’re ready to head back down. No, really. It’s a Troll Forest.

Troll Forest - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks
Troll Forest


Bergen’s old wharf, Bryggen, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several museums within the wharf, or just explore beyond the facades into its alleyways. Although tchotchke shops have replaced whatever storefronts once flourished there, it’s still a scenic part of town. 

Bryggen Bergen - 5 Day Road Trip Tour of Norway - Itinerary - Luxury Travel Hacks
Bryggen Bergen

Fish Market

Bergen’s Fish Market is on the wharf, as well. This is a bit of a tourist trap, but I always like seeing the local wares wherever I’m at. I wouldn’t recommend eating there, as you’ll encounter exorbitant prices. Summer hours are 8am-11pm daily.

This is likely all you’ll have time for on this day. For a cheap meal before you turn in, Trekroneren is a hot dog stand with the kinds of proteins you’d expect to find out here, e.g. reindeer. It’s an economical choice in this pricey town! Hours are 11am-4am daily.

Options from here are an extended stay in Bergen – we were there another full day, as there’s lots more to see – or heading back to Oslo for some time there before heading home. This was only scratching the surface of a Norway trip and what Norway’s fjord country has to offer, but a trip there is well worth any time you’re able to give it!

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