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Scoopon Travel – The Scoopon Review

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Updated April 2019

Table of Contents

What Is Scoopon?

Scoopon is one of Australia’s leading daily deal companies and specialises in local, shopping and travel deals. Scoopon Travel is something I have used numerous times and hence I have created this Scoopon Travel Review.

Firstly, overall Scoopon specialises in the following:

  • Shopping deals which host glorious amounts of bargains from shoes to toothpaste.
  • Local Experiences which include local restaurants, beauty, education and entertainment in a selected local area all at a discounted price.
  • And finally, the Travel deals which, has a huge array of amazing bargains for the savvy and cheap traveller.
This Scoopon review will focus on the travel side of Scoopon but the shopping and local experiences are definitely worth a look to save more money in every day life. 

What is Scoopon Travel?

If you are anything like me, you love to travel on the cheap. Cheap though does not mean small, dirty and disgusting. Cheap means picking up a bargain and getting bang for your buck. Some places I have stayed, such as the Visala in Bali, have been luxurious with a beer budget price tag and this is where Scoopon comes in. It is where you can score at least 50% off normal price. 

Is Scoopon legit? I mean, I have no doubt many of you have used Scoopon for travel purposes and are confident in doing so. I am writing this blog post to hopefully give some peace of mind to travellers who are sceptical about the process and believe it may be too good to be true.

Luxury Australian Scoopon Travel Hacks
Scoopon Bali Deals – How to Get Cheap Bali Holidays

When We Have Used Scoopon Travel

Originally when I wrote this post I was doing so from a hotel I purchased and booked through Scoopon Travel. Also at the orginal time of writing this Jarrad was in Noosa, Queensland also enjoying a Scoopon I purchased for him and his mates. 

Just to show confidence in this review of Scoopon Travel deals I have used Scoopon Travel countless times and even enjoy getting their daily emails to help with the planning of our next trip. It really is one of my favourite luxury travel hacks.

Overall I would estimate that I have used Scoopon easily over 15 times for hotel bargains not only within Australia but internationally. These have included: 

  • Countless accommodation in Bali – check out Scoopon Bali Deals – How To Get Cheap Bali Holidays – for further Scoopon Travel Reviews
  • Scoopon Adelaide for countless hotels
  • Sunshine Coast for a hotel
  • A private residence in Noosa, Queensland
  • A 3 bedroom private villa in Lombok, Indonesia – you can see the review here – we have also stayed countless times at this property
Scoopon Bali Deals - How to Get Cheap Bali Holidays

Booking Experiences with Scoopon Travel

I can 100% say I have never ever had an issue and my bookings have always been valid and fantastic. Obviously, this may not be the case for everyone and some people may, in fact, have horror stories but for me, I can’t complain one bit. I believe this is due to being careful, thorough and asking lots of questions. So if you want to stop having a boring hotel experience be sure to check out Scoopon and follow our booking tips below. 

How Does Scoopon Work?

Scoopon Travel in Australia

Within Australia before purchasing a Scoopon Travel package follow these six steps to ensure everything comes off without a hitch:


  1. Research the hotel that is on Scoopon to double check location and reviews.
  2. Always read ‘The Fine Print’ because this can include blackout dates (dates you are not allowed to book), high season surcharges (which can be SUPER expensive) and dates the Scoopon needs to be booked and used by so it does not become void.
  3. If that all checks out and suits your needs select – ‘View All Package Options’ 
  4. Select your desired package and click on – ‘Check Availability’
  5. During this section you can see if your desired dates are available. This section will also highlight any surcharges for particular dates. Select preferred dates and click ‘Secure Checkout’
  6. Finalise the payment either via credit card or Paypal and your booking should be finalised. If you are a control freak like me you may wish to contact the hotel just to confirm they have received your booking. 

Checking In

  1. When checking in to the hotel have a copy of the Scoopon voucher and any correspondence you had with the hotel as evidence. I have never needed to use it because they have always had my booking but it always better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Finally, remember to take advantage of the entirety of the Scoopon. Often Travel Scoopons have extras attached such as free parking, late checkout, breakfast and free wifi. If they ask you to pay refer back to your Scoopon voucher as evidence.

Scoopon Travel Internationally

For international Scoopons the steps are exactly the same now :-)! 

To be honest at this time I have only ever used the international Scoopons in Indonesia but I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them for other countries. I mean can you see the villa below? I have stayed there for $20 per night per person, including breakfast through Scoopon and I couldn’t fault it. If you are interested check out my review of Imaj Private Villas.

Scoopon Travel Review - Imaj Private Villas - Luxury Travel Hacks



7-Day 'Change Of Mind' Refund

The Scoopon Travel ‘7-day ‘Change of Mind’ Refund is always guranteed with no questions asked’. This quote was taken directly from the Scoopon Website. Therefore if you get a bit excited,  book a deal and then realise it isn’t actually for you within 7 days you are entitled to a full Scoopon refund. 

Final Note

Please note Luxury Travel Hacks By #ljojlo takes no responsibility if a situation with Scoopon does not work out perfectly using these tips from my Scoopon Travel Review. Obviously all situations are unique but if you carefully read the fine print and contact the hotel I can ensure this will minimise problems arising.

If you have any further questions or good/bad Scoopon stories please comment below.

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Scoopon Travel - The Scoopon Review - Luxury Travel Hacks