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Layover Madrid - Luxury Travel Hacks

Things to Do on Your Layover in Madrid

A lot of people flying into Europe from the Americas, first land in Madrid and wait for their connecting flight. But not everyone makes use of their potential layover in Madrid. As Spain’s capital and largest city, Madrid is a great place to learn about Spain. The architecture in Madrid is truly a sight to behold. And, of course, Madrid houses one of the world’s most famous museums, the Prado.

Tourist Spots In North America On An Extended Layover - Luxury Travel Hacks By #ljojlo

Tourist Spots in North America on an Extended Layover

Have an extended layover coming up in the US or Canada? Still wanting to explore some tourist spots in North America? This post shows that you can still see tourist places in North America even within a short period of time, which makes the layover a great luxury travel hack.

Explore Europe During Long Layover Flights - Luxury Travel Hacks

Exploring Europe During Long Layover Flights

Exploring Europe during long layover flights is a great way to see those extra cities. Maybe you are worried you may never ever make it back to Europe or that particular city? So, if you have at least a 6-hour layover (maybe even 5 hours if you are feeling game) and visa requirements allow why not leave the airport and enjoy a new city.

Making The Most Of Long Layover Flights - Luxury Travel Hacks

Making the Most of Long Layover Flights

Most of us avid travellers are usually trying to save a few dollars where ever we can. While doing so can save a ton of cash, especially when following our many luxury travel hacks, it sometimes also has its interesting perks, such as long layover flights.

#Layover in #Oman - No Matter the Length of Time - #Luxury #TravelHacks

Layover in Oman – No Matter the Length of Time

The strategic location of Oman makes it a great spot for connecting flights from the west to the Far East. Therefore a layover in Oman is great use of flexibility to explore another country, city and place.

The Layover - Is It Worth It? - The Traveller's Guide By #ljojlo

The Layover – Is It Worth It?

You have your passport, you have your flight tickets, you have your plan, and you are excited. However, in front of you is 20 hours of travel with a 7+ hour layover….YIPPEE! The layover, if you are unsure, is the time spent between connecting flights while travelling across the globe. For us in Australia common layovers occur in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi and Doha on the way to Europe. However, layovers can happen anywhere in the world.

Let’s be honest travel is incredible, I mean I wouldn’t have this blog if it wasn’t, but the ACTUAL travel, the aspect that gets you to the place you want to be, is tedious. The long time spent on planes is the part of travel I now dread. However, if I can jazz it up with a fun layover, either in a cool airport or possibly out to explore a city (if visas permit) can change my mindset dramatically. The layover, can actually become a strategic part of your exciting holiday and more and more we are doing this.

The layover we most recently enjoyed was in Perth, Australia. While travelling to Bali, Indonesia it was cheaper for us to buy flight tickets with two different airlines and go via Perth to Bali than it was to go directly from Adelaide. Because we booked with two different airlines, I made sure we gave ourselves ample time between flights to ensure we could still make the second flight even if delays occurred. For this reason, we made sure we had 8 hours in Perth before needing to make our flight to Bali. So, what did we do with those 8 hours?

Firstly, we are Australian citizens, so this allowed us to leave Perth airport. However, please check if you are travelling through Australia that you have the necessary visas to leave the airport while on a layover, likewise in any country you are travelling through. So, again what did we do? Well, for us we headed straight to the car rental counters. We asked at a few different companies before finding the cheapest hire car we could for 6 hours to explore Perth and its glorious beaches. From Scarborough to Cottesloe to Fremantle we drove this beautiful stretch of coastline and explored part of our own country we were yet to visit. Without the layover this would not have been possible.

Another great layover is in Singapore. Whether you stay put in the airport, which is incredible in itself or manage to get yourself on a free city tour, Singapore is a fantastic city for a layover. The airport is home to a swimming pool, cinemas, gardens, shops and interactive games. Therefore, if you can’t get yourself on the free city tour, which is often full, there is still plenty to keep you entertained. However, my ultimate suggestion would be if you are flying through Singapore sometime in your future allow two or three days in the city as part of your holiday, you certainly won’t regret it.

Have you enjoyed a cool layover in your travels? Do you want to include a layover in your upcoming travels? Please yell out! I would love to have a chat about other layovers we have experienced or help you plan or decide on the best layover options for you.