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Valentine’s Breaks – Romantic Getaways in Asia

Are you looking for romantic getaways in Asia? Whether that is for Valentine’s Day or a honeymoon, Asia won’t let you down when it comes to fantastic, luxurious and romantic accommodation. 

To celebrate Valentine’s Day experienced travel bloggers from around the world have showcased some of their favourite romantic getaways in Asia. From India to Vietnam there is some accommodation for everyones taste and price point. 

Review – Villa Club Corner Residence, Canggu

Driving down a quiet driveway surrounded by the rice fields saw us arrive at the final lodge, Villa Club Corner Residence, Canggu. If I could describe the feel of this villa, I would use the words safe and relaxing. Villa Club Corner Residence’s location was at the end of a group of villas controlled by security at the front entrance. It, therefore, was a quiet place that felt safe and secure. Due to its peaceful nature, it was perfect for relaxing. 

Imaj Private Villas – Review

Imaj Private Villas are located in Batu Layar, Lombok an approximate 10-minute drive to Senggigi and 20-minute drive to the city of Mataram. Imaj contains four private villas and three suites. Each private villa has its own pool while the three suites have a lagoon pool to share. I have been lucky enough to stay at Imaj twice and experience two of the private villas and also have friends stay in a suite.

Snorkelling – Gilli Nanggu

A blog post about the amazing snorkelling at Gilli Nanggu in Lombok Indonesia. You certainly won’t be disappointed.