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Review – Villa Club Corner Residence, Canggu

Driving down a quiet driveway surrounded by the rice fields saw us arrive at the final lodge, Villa Club Corner Residence, Canggu. If I could describe the feel of this villa, I would use the words safe and relaxing. Villa Club Corner Residence’s location was at the end of a group of villas controlled by security at the front entrance. It, therefore, was a quiet place that felt safe and secure. Due to its peaceful nature, it was perfect for relaxing. 

Imaj Private Villas – Review

Imaj Private Villas are located in Batu Layar, Lombok an approximate 10-minute drive to Senggigi and 20-minute drive to the city of Mataram. Imaj contains four private villas and three suites. Each private villa has its own pool while the three suites have a lagoon pool to share. I have been lucky enough to stay at Imaj twice and experience two of the private villas and also have friends stay in a suite.

Snorkelling – Gilli Nanggu

A blog post about the amazing snorkelling at Gilli Nanggu in Lombok Indonesia. You certainly won’t be disappointed.