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The Best 5 European Road Trips – The Ultimate Europe Trip Planner - Luxury Travel Hacks

The 5 Best European Road Trips – The Ultimate Europe Trip Planner

Is there really a better way to see a place than on a road trip? We don’t think so. Pulling into each intriguing bar or restaurant, cruising through amazing scenery, finding places that are off the beaten track are just some of the reasons why road trips are so much fun, and we haven’t even spoken about the driving yet.  Europe is, without a doubt, a brilliant place for a road trip. The roads are in good condition, the scenery is stunning, the cultures are warm, the beer is great, the food is better and you have endless options of where to go and places to stay. So what are you waiting for? Here is the ultimate Europe trip planner when it comes to some of the best road trips in Europe.

Iceland Road Trip from Akureyri to Reykjavik - Luxury Travel Hacks

Iceland Road Trip from Akureyri to Reykjavik

An Iceland road trip from Akureyri to Reykjavik is the perfect way to spend your time in this stunning country. Driving in Iceland is no mundane experience, it’s pact with relaxing hot springs, waterfalls cascading from mountain sides, and glaciers melting off into the ocean.  If your timing is just right, you can even catch the northern lights dancing. We were lucky enough to experience all of this during our 8 day stopover in Iceland. Here’s the simple itinerary that we followed.

Iceland In A Campervan - Luxury Travel Hacks

Iceland In A Campervan – Luxury On A Budget

You can still immerse yourself in Iceland even if you are a budget traveller, but how exactly? Simply, see Iceland in a campervan. With your house and wheels all in one, coupled with further budget tips in this article Iceland can be visited by all, without breaking the bank.