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Snorkelling – Gilli Nanggu

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An hour and a half drive from Senggigi, the main tourist area of Lombok, is the tiny island of Gilli Nanggu. For anyone playing at home Gilli means Island in Indonesian. After the drive it was a quick 15 minute boat ride on a local boat to this picturesque island. It was here just off the beach where I went snorkelling and it was BEAUTIFUL. In clear water of depth 1 metre I was often surrounded by hundreds of beautifully coloured fish. I used a water bottle filled with bread with a hole cut in the top to occasionally attract this huge array or fish. I have been lucky enough to snorkel on The Great Barrier Reef, in Fiji, Thailand and Vanuatu and this was just as good if not better!!


To access this gem of a place we went through the villa that we were occupying in Senggigi, Imaj Private Villas, check out the review because the place is AMAZING. The snorkelling trip to Gilli Nanggu cost $40US, which to be honest is on the expensive side for Lombok and no doubt you can access Gilli Nanggu for much cheaper. If you choose to do this make sure you purchase bread, a water bottle and hire snorkelling gear. Also if you can, visit the neighbouring island Gilli Sudak for a fresh seafood BBQ lunch and a young coconut.

Anyway a picture says 1000 words so enjoy the slideshow below. A YouTube clip of the videos to come soon.

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Thanks – LJO


However, if you are more adventurous and want to try your hand at scuba diving, check out what it is like to get your open water diving certificate in Lombok.