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Scoot Fast Cruises – Review

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After our charming stay at Buli Kuta Resort it was time to make the long-awaited adventure to Lombok via fast boat. I was skeptical about how this would all go after reading many reviews and seeing lots of people frustrated with most of the fast boat companies due to not collecting them from their hotel, not running on time, overfilling the boats, not running the boat at all and also asking for extra money. Due to this, it was hard to stay positive about everything going smoothly but luckily for us our adventure was somewhat flawless with Scoot Fast Cruises.

Scoot Fast Cruises were expected to pick us up at 8:15am when in fact they were early, tick number one. When arriving to check in our information was there and correct and they didn’t ask for any extra cash, tick number two. When getting on the boat it wasn’t overly crowded and we were only 20 mins late to our destination, which I think really is tick number three.

Scoot Fast Cruises - The Traveller's Guide By #ljojlo 

When boarding the Scoot Fast Cruise boat in Sanur, Bali we were on the biggest, which was comforting, see picture 1. The six of us sat at one table in the middle of the boat and got prepared for the journey. The first leg, which took approximately three-quarters of an hour was to Nusa Lembongan Island. Overall sitting in the middle of the boat was a little rough at times but nothing too bad. If you are prone to seasickness it is best to sit further to the back because that is where the boat ride is the lest rough but if you like adventure sit further to the front. Nusa Lembongan Island is a place I must visit another time. When stopping to drop off passengers it was as picturesque as a postcard, see photo below. It also had floating water parks surrounding the island where you could go on water slides that finishing entering the ocean. Therefore Nusa Lembongan is officially on my bucket list of places to go along with hundreds of others.

Scoot Fast Cruises - The Traveller's Guide By #ljojlo
Scoot Fast Cruises – The Traveller’s Guide By #ljojlo

The next leg of the boat trip which took over two hours was not as comfortable. The boat became hot and stuffy and with limited leg room and space, we were getting very antsy to get off the boat. We were also under the impression the boat went to Gilli Trawangan the and other Gilli Islands first before stopping at our destination in Senggigi, Lombok. We were therefore not happy campers when it was 12:10pm (our original arrival time) and we were still out in the ocean and had not been to the Gillis yet. To our joy though at 12:30pm we were pulling into a harbour that was Senggigi not the Gilli Islands. I’m not sure if we could have handled another hour on the boat if that were not the case.

Scoot Fast Cruises - The Traveller's Guide By #ljojlo
Scoot Fast Cruises – The Traveller’s Guide By #ljojlo

Overall the experience was better than what I was expecting and had envisaged. Obviously, there is still room for improvement for Scoot to try and make the experience slightly more comfortable for its patrons but overall for a fast boat company in Indonesia I really can’t complain.

I look forward to comparing Scoot with the company Marina Srikandi, which is the fast boat company we are taking back to Bali.

Overall I would give Scoot 3.5 stars out of a possible five.

Any feedback and comments are welcomed.

Thanks – Lauren.