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8 Unexpected Ways to Boost your Velocity Card Points Balance

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8 Unexpected Ways to #Boost your #Velocity Card Points Balance - #Luxury #TravelHack
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A Velocity Frequent Flyer Card is the loyalty card for Virgin air travel. Much in the same way as a Coffee shop loyalty card, or a supermarket loyalty card, you will earn Velocity points when you record certain purchases through your Velocity card. You will then be able to exchange these points for a free reward once you have collected a sufficient amount.

Traditionally, Virgin Velocity frequent flyer members could only earn Velocity frequent flyer points by purchasing flights through Virgin or other Velocity partner airlines. This would mean that in order to collect points, members would literally have to be Velocity frequent flyers. As you can imagine, this could have taken the occasional traveller years to save enough points to redeem a complimentary upgrade, let alone a flight!

Nowadays, it is much more straightforward to redeem velocity points for everyday spending. You may even be surprised at just how simple it is to effortlessly boost your Velocity points balance so that you can then trade these for free Velocity rewards.

With no risk of losing money, and no extra cost or effort involved, it really is a no brainer to get signed up with the Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyer Program.

What’s even more awesome is the Velocity Frequent Flyer app that you can download to any Smartphone device. You can track your account activity, learn more ways to earn Velocity points and see what is required to get promoted to higher membership tiers. Plus you can view all the Velocity Frequent Flyer Partners ready for booking your next flight.

To make it uncomplicated for you, we have outlined six super-easy ways you can start collecting Velocity points and get on your way to an abundance of amazing freebies!

Velocity Partner Airlines - Velocity Card

1. Fuel your Vehicle

Let’s face it; everybody needs to fuel their vehicle at some point in their busy schedule. Whether you commute to work everyday, or you use a car simply for leisure, at some point you or someone you are with will need to fill up the petrol tank! Thanks to Velocity’s partnership with BP, Velocity Frequent Flyer members can now earn two points per litre (up to 150 litres) as well as two points per every dollar paid in-store (up to 100 dollars).

Fuel - Earn Velocity Points - Velocity Card

2. Use your Mobile Phone

In an age where most people won’t cope without being glued to their Smartphone, now you can earn two points per dollar spent on qualified 24-month contract mobile phone subscriptions with Virgin Mobile. What a great excuse to stay chatting away on the phone with family and friends!

3. Grocery Shopping

Virgin Velocity has also partnered with flybuys to provide members with the option of swapping 2000 flybuys points for 870 Velocity points, as many times as you please. With shops such as Kmart, Coles and Target, there is no reason to visit any other store again to stock up all your household provisions.

Groceries - Earn Velocity Points - Velocity Card

4. Keep Fit

What better incentive is there to stay healthy and reboot your fitness than with the choice of free travel at the end? With a choice of two participating gyms, you will be even more motivated to earn points:

  1. Sign up to a Virgin Active gym membership (NSW & VIC ONLY) and attend three times per week for the first twelve weeks to receive 10,000 Velocity points. Thereafter, you will be rewarded with 250 points every time you visit for at least twelve times per month.
  2. Sign up to Jetts Fitness and get two Velocity points for every dollar spent on your ongoing membership. In addition, you will gain 60 bonus points if you attend for a minimum of five times per month.

5. Visit the Dentist

Now you can even earn Velocity points when you attend your two vital dentist appointments every year. If you attend a Pacific Smiles Dental branch (QLD, NSW & VIC ONLY), you will be rewarded with 500 points after your first eligible check-up as a new patient, followed by 250 Velocity Points for each subsequent appointment (maximum of two per year).

6. Online Shopping

Next time you fancy indulging in a bit of retail therapy, be sure to start your session by logging in via the Velocity eStore first. With many popular brands such as Apple, Marks and Spencer, David Jones and more, you can earn two Velocity points for every dollar spent.

7. Dine Out

For the food fanatics among us, you can earn a whopping 300 Velocity points for every honoured table booking you make through OpenTable. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, you will be able to grow your point’s account every time you fancy a bite out to eat!

Dine Out - Earn Velocity Points - Velocity Card

8. Complete Purchases using a Virgin Velocity Credit Card

For those of you who are serious about getting a head start and boosting your frequent flyer account, a Velocity point’s credit card is one of the greatest ways to rack up points quickly. With some offering up to 90,000 for simply opening a credit card, and others contributing 1.5 points per dollar spent, you will soon be climbing the membership ranks in no time at all. To find the best velocity credit card to suit your personal requirements, check out this comparison table.

BONUS TIP: Special Offers for Even More Extra Points!

If you didn’t think all the options listed so far was enough, then you will be delighted to learn that Velocity members will also be able to earn even more points with regular and exclusive offers. Stay up-to-date with the latest special deals on the Velocity website.

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