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Tesalate Beach Towels: A Sand-Free Towel & Travel Must Have

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Tesalate Beach Towels - Sand-Free Beach Towel - Travel Must Have - Luxury Travel Hacks

One of the things that we always include in our packing list is a good and reliable towel. Whether we’re going on a long trip or just a weekend getaway, we make sure that we have one in our bags, you know, just in case. One of our most trusted travel towels are the Tesalate beach towels, from our home country Australia. Not only does it come in the perfect size but it also incorporates innovative sand-free technology that makes the towel multifunctional and perfect for all kinds of trips. We think they’re great because they look good and offer the practicality that we really look for when we travel especially as it is a sand-free towel.

What is Tesalate?

Tesalate is a lightweight, quick drying, and sand-proof beach towel from Australia created by Jacky Lam and Volkan Ozbek. The pair was inspired during their trip to Royal National Park in Sydney, where they had issues hauling back their towels as they were wet, heavy, and sandy. From then on, they committed themselves to develop a good looking towel that’s not only functional but also performs much better than others available on the market.

Today, Tesalate sells their towels in over 130 countries, with a promise of not only being beach friendly but also being travel-friendly.

What Makes Tesalate Beach Towels Such Good Towels?

While we love Tesalate’s cute designs, we are more than impressed with the technology that they have developed and incorporated in their products. Tesalate currently has four main selling points: 

  • lightweight design
  • ultra absorbent
  • rapid dry technology
  • sand-free functionality.

Tesalate’s towels come in a standard full-size beach towel, meaning it’s 63 x 31 inches, great for getting the job done. Because of the size, the company made their towels compact and lightweight, while never compromising quality. It’s compact enough to fit in the best travel backpack, a tote bag or just slip right in your carry on but still as absorbent (or even better) than the regular towel. It is ultra absorbent and can hold up to a litre of water. It also has a rapid dry technology so you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing soggy and heavy towels back home. As a beach towel, it also comes with sand-free technology, so you can use it on the beach and never have to worry about bringing home too much sand. So long, messy car rides!

Tesalate is perfect for the beach with its sand-free technology, but also for pool visits, yoga, and travelling. It’s durable and comes with beautiful double-sided designs allowing you to feel fashionable. An additional positive point for this towel is its handy hook, making it easier to hang up wherever possible.

What We Love About These Sand-Free Towels

On a recent trip to far north tropical Queensland, we packed our Tesalate towel to really give it a run for its money. When heading up on a road trip to Cape Tribulation, where the rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef, we were excited to check out its sand-free technology.

Being small and compact, within its own bag, the towel was easily thrown in our day pack for the day. When arriving on the beach on Cape Tribulation and our first inspection of the towel I must admit it felt a little weird. Weird, because simply it didn’t feel like a traditional towel but we didn’t let that sway our thoughts. Spending time laying on the towel with my feet in the sand, kicking the sand around gave me the opportunity to try out the sand-free technology. On pack up I can happily say the sand jsut disappeared off this towel. With a quick shake, the majority of the sand was gone, which is super handy when you are travelling because no one wants a sandy towel in amongst their travel must haves. We were even able to fold up the towel and fit it back into it original back without any issues.

Tesalate Beach Towels - Luxury Travel Hacks

Should You Buy Tesalate As A Travel Towel

We definitely recommend getting yourself a towel or two from this brand. We think that it is a great investment. With its durability and functionality, you can never go wrong with using Tesalate. It’s a great addition to your travel gear, and this is truly one of our travel must-haves wherever we go.

WANT TO GET ONE? Visit Tesalate and sign up for 10% off your first order. 

DISCLAIMER: I did receive a complimentary towel from Tesalate, however, since testing I can say I genuinely love this towel and would recommend it to other travellers.