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10 BEST Joshua Tree Airbnbs - Luxury Travel Hacks

10 BEST Joshua Tree Airbnbs

The stunning Joshua Tree National Park in southern California is one of the most impressive parts of the entire state. Dotted with the iconic Joshua trees that give the park its name, Joshua Tree is an interesting mix of the high Mojave Desert and the low Colorado Desert. With beautiful desert plains, mountains, art communes, and abandoned towns, Joshua Tree is a genuine highlight of southern California and this articles is specifically going to look at the BEST Joshua Tree Airbnbs.

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Road Trip Norway - Lofoten to North Cape - Luxury Travel Hacks
Types Of Travel

Road Trip Norway – Lofoten to North Cape.

Love a good road trip? Norway is for you! This country is one of the most popular destinations for many reasons. Nature, wildlife, culture and food are just a few of the reasons why people love the northern experience so much.

While a lot of tourists and visitors imagine that they’ll do most of their getting around by taxi, train or bus, it’s not the only way to get around.

If you want to get to see more of this beautiful country, consider a road trip of Norway!

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Motorhome Hire New Zealand With Wilderness NZ - Vista 2 - Luxury Travel Hacks
Types Of Travel

Motorhome Hire New Zealand With Wilderness NZ – Vista 2

Choosing your motorhome for meandering around New Zealand isn’t the easiest thing to do. Do you go for one of the larger names in the industry like Britz or Maui, which are a tad more expensive but offer you peace of mind? Or the affordable alternatives like Jucy or Spaceships and skimp on space and luxury? We went for middle ground, choosing one of the luxury options fit for a moderate budget, with Wilderness NZ. In this review we’ll tell you exactly why, and whether we think the choice was the right one.

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Spaceships Rockets New Zealand - Spaceship Campervan NZ - Luxury Travel Hacks
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Review – Spaceships Rocket – Campervan Rental New Zealand

The Spaceships Rocket, you will see this campervan driving around in New Zealand everywhere as this is one of the most popular brands in the country. Of course, they are, because they are one of the cheapest. According to their website, they have won a few awards, but we wouldn’t put much weight into that. Personally, we based our choice on a mix between positive reviews and price. Their main competitor in New Zealand is probably Jucy, but their reviews are nowhere near as good. There are many other companies as well for you to consider, and we hope this little review will help you somewhat in taking a decision. 

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