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Fun Ideas for Couples in the Philippines

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Fun Ideas For Couples in the Philippines - Luxury Travel Hacks

The Philippines is an amazing place to go on vacation. There are multiple fun ideas especially for couples in the Philippines. From a bustling city life to outdoor adventures, there is a lot to do for any kind of traveler. With three of its islands recently named as some of the best in Asia by Conde Nast Traveler, the country’s popularity has skyrocketed. Who would say no to white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and summer almost all year long? Almost everything from accommodation to food to activities are relatively affordable, too.

There is a long list of to-do’s in the Philippines, especially for couples. The challenge is planning your trip and figuring out what kind of experience both of you will enjoy through couples travel.

If you’re on the way to the Philippines for your honeymoon, or simply for some quality time together, here is a list of fun ideas for couples to do in the Philippines, while using the luxury travel hack of splitting costs.

Guest Post Written By Anna Timbrook

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Go Fancy With Fine-Dining Restaurants

Filipinos love food, and you’ll see it in the number of restaurants on every corner. But if you want to make your night special, dress up and head to some of the best fine dining restaurants in the country, and even in all of Asia. Otherwise if you are more interested in street food check out exotic street food of the Philippines.

Asian Food

The Philippines does Asian food best, obviously, and there are many fine dining restaurants that serve superb Asian specialties. Canton Road at Shangri-La at the Fort in Bonifacio Global City is considered as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the country. It features traditional Cantonese cuisine in a beautifully decorated restaurant. China Blue by Jereme Leung at the Mall of Asia Complex is another popular haunt, serving a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary Chinese fare.


Filipinos are meat eaters as well, so you’re sure to find amazing steakhouses in the country. Cru Steakhouse at the Manila Marriott Hotel is a carnivore heaven, serving the world’s best cuts. You can also enjoy some Spanish cuisine at Donosti in Bonifacio Global City with masterpieces from renowned chef Pablo Lopez Iglesias.

Local Cuisine

If you want to stick to local culture, there’s only one fine dining restaurant you should consider. Antonio’s is in Tagaytay City, a 2-hour drive outside of Metro Manila. Make a road trip out of your dinner and head to the country’s top restaurant, situated in a lush oasis and enveloped by the cool weather of this mountain destination.

Get Artsy In Antipolo

Metro Manila is a great city, but the hustle and bustle can wear you out. If you’re craving for some time out, the town of Antipolo is a 1-hour drive with several hidden gems.

One great place to visit is the Pinto Art Museum. For just Php 200 (USD 4) per person, you get access to a serene sanctuary of contemporary art. Owned by neurologist and art collector Dr. Joven Cuanang, it’s not your typical gallery. The museum itself is set on a hill. Inside are several gardens, fountains, and little corners under trees. As for the collection, it’s a great mix of work from both young and senior artists in the Philippines. Each work is made by Filipinos and displays varied styles and mediums. The museum has several galleries with different themes. You’ll see paintings, sculptures, décor, and even graffiti. After going through intriguing and sometimes downright weird art, there’s a quaint café for snacks and refreshments.

From here, you can even go on a day hike to Mt. Pamitinan or Daranak Falls tomake a full day out of your trip.

Travel Back In Time At Corregidor

The Philippines figured greatly in WW2. Its location in Asia made it an ideal base, which many conquerors took advantage of. Corregidor is an island in Luzon that played a significant role in the battle between Americans and the Japanese. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the battle moved to the Philippines where Corregidor became the second most bombed island in the entire world.

Sun Cruises

Sun Cruises is the sole operator for trips and tours to Corregidor. All trips must be made through reservations either online or by calling their office in Manila. The trip starts at the Esplanade Seaside Terminal in Pasay, Manila. After a 1.5-hour ferry ride, you arrive in Corregidor where trams take tourists on their journey to the past.


There are several tours you can take. The most popular one is the Historical Tram Tour. Corregidor is a large place, and those who don’t want to suffer under the heat of the sun prefer this tour. However, it’s a little impersonal as you join troves of tourists seated in trams where you stop at different points of interest.

The more enjoyable tour is the walking tour. It’s not particularly difficult, but it does involve climbing steps or walking uphill. If you go in the summer, the heat can be quite grueling. However, considerably less people take the walking tour. If you insist on taking a private tour, you can simply hire a guide for Php 1,500 (USD 30). You get to go into the jungle and see more ruins that the tram tour won’t see. The highlight is a visit to the hospital, which was also destroyed by the Japanese.

The structures in Corregidor are over 100 years old. Astonishingly, the foundations are still strong and solid. Some of the structures are even strong enough for people to enter and explore.

The whole tour starts at 7AM and ends at 3PM. Expect to be back in Manila by 5PM. It also includes water, a buffet lunch, and an eye-opening insight into the intricacies of WW2 in the Philippines.

Explore The Underwater World

If you’re avid divers, then you already know that the Philippines is a must-visit. With over 7,000 islands, this country is a hotbed for amazing dive sites and marine sanctuaries. The waterscapes are very diverse and there’s a site for every certification level.

Diving Courses

If you’re not yet certified, diving courses can be taken at every dive shop in the Philippines, even in the city. You should allot around 4 days for the full course before you get certified. You can also take an e-learning course from PADI. This way, you take all the theoretical lectures and exams at home and just shorten your course in the Philippines by two days. Once that’s over, you have the whole country to explore.

Diving Destinations

There’s a very long list of amazing dive destinations in the Philippines. If you’ll be staying in Manila, the easiest ones to go to are Batangas and Puerto Galera. Batangas is a mere 2-hour drive from the city, while Puerto Galera is an additional 1.5-hour ferry ride. Both provinces are known for colorful reefs and thriving marine sanctuaries. Turtles are a common sight here, too, along with barracudas, black and white tip sharks, and moray eels. Interested in staying in Batangas? Check out the 17 best resorts in Batangas.

Elsewhere in the Philippines, some very coveted sites are Coron in Palawan for shipwreck diving, Apo Island in Dumaguete for turtle sanctuaries, and Cebu for different kinds of diving experiences.

How About Snorkeling

While diving is an amazing experience, it simply isn’t for everybody. Not to worry, however. These sights are also great for snorkeling. Palawan is a favorite for snorkelers and island hoppers. Not only are the corals alive with marine life, Palawan as an island is a breathtaking destination.

Cuddle By The Fireplace In Baguio

Yes, you read that right. The Philippines may be a tropical paradise, but there’s a city that looks and feels like another world.

Elevation Of 1,400m

Baguio is called the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. At an elevation of 1,400 meters, the weather up there is a whole lot cooler than anywhere else in the country. It gets as cold as 10 degrees in Baguio, which might be normal for Westerners, but is definitely jacket weather for Filipinos.

Points Of Interest In Baguio

Nestled in the Cordillera Region, Baguio is a bustling city nestled within pine forests. There are several points of interest in the city. The classic ones are rowing a Swan boat in Burnham Park, riding horseback in Wright Park, or enjoying a fancy dinner at the Manor at Camp John Hay. At night, the famous Harrison Road hosts an “Ukay-Ukay” market, which is the Filipino version of vintage clothing sold along the street side.

There are many cultural gems to visit, too. Baguio is the home of the Ifugao tribe, known for their woodcarvings. The Ifugao Woodcarver’s Village has families of Ifugao tribesmen carrying on traditional crafts and skills of woodcarving, considered as a dying art form in the Philippines. There’s also the Tam-Awan Village, filled with traditional huts with grass roofs. Each hut is actually a contemporary art gallery. The village grounds are tranquil and serene, with beautiful ponds and lush pine forests all around.

Explore Philippine Islands and Beaches

What’s a trip to the Philippines without a trip to one of the hundreds of amazing beaches in the country? There’s something for everyone – relaxing, romantic, adventurous, remote, bustling – every kind of beach experience you can imagine because there are so many beautiful places in the Philippines.

If it’s your first time in the Philippines, head straight for some of the most popular and definitely most beautiful islands.


Boracay has long been known as a party island, but since its rehabilitation in 2018, it’s transformed into a serene paradise. This island has the finest sand in the country. This bright white sand almost feels like powder, fronted by azure blue waters. Sit by the beach at sunset when the sky explodes with different hues of oranges, pinks, and purples.


Palawan, on the other hand, is the Philippines’ treasured gem. Often referred to as “The Last Frontier of the Philippines”, this island is beautiful in its almost raw and wild natural landscape. There are several towns to visit such as Puerto Princesa, Coron, and El Nido, each one having its own unique characteristic. Wherever you decide to go in Palawan, you are sure to be blown away by fantastic views of limestone cliffs and diversity of marine life.

Furthermore, Palawan has so many beautiful things to see, as mentioned, the some couples decide retiring to the Philippines is the best way to enjoy it long term.


For something a little off the beaten track, you can book a trip to Siquijor. On top of its signature blue waters, the main draw of the island is its mystique. The island is shrouded in stories of witches, elementals, and magic. Whether you believe it or not, the true enchantment is the beauty of this quiet and unassuming island.

Whichever you choose to do, the Philippines is a great destination for couples to spend time together. No matter what kind of adventure, scenery, or budget you have, the Philippines will surely be a great setting to create fun memories with each other.

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