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Couple Travel – The Only Travel Buddy You Need

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For many, the thought of being a solo traveller sparks real excitement. The complete independence and freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. Now we are in no way saying this isn’t true, some people would choose solo travel 11 times out of 10, however for us there is nothing better than having a partner in crime whilst on the road.

Four years ago, we set off on our first long term trip together and got the bug for travelling as a couple. Soon after, we spent 2 years of our relationship apart, working hard to save up to become full time travellers and explore as much of this beautiful world as we can. Once this stint of long-distance was over, we swore to never do it again and hit the road on our adventure of a lifetime. Here are just some of the reasons we love travelling with our other half.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

In a relationship, you’ve always got each other’s back. Doesn’t matter how many Prosecco fuelled rows and fallouts you may experience along the way, you will always have someone to rely on and trust. Your partner-in-crime is right there, making sure you make the right decisions (Campbell telling me I’ve had enough wine..) and supporting you through the good and bad (the consequences of my wine shenanigans).

Couple Travel - The Only Travel Buddy You Need

Personal Photographer

Yeah sure most cameras have a self-timer, and that bin lid DOES make a good camera stand, however a personal photographer would be the much better option! No need to worry about the hand signals and awkward poses involved in getting another tourist to take your picture when your other half (aka. the bag carrier) can snap all of the photos you want. No, no I don’t like that one. Take one more, please!

Every Night is Date Night

Life on the road is a magical experience to share with your special someone. New and exciting locations every other night, with endless possibilities for an adventure. This makes every night special and exciting! Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a fancy night on the town, every single night is date night.

Couple Travel - The Only Travel Buddy You Need

Planning is Made Easy

The thing about travelling with your other half, is sometimes you know what they want better than they do themselves. Planning is a breeze when you are both one and the same person! There is no need to debate and compromise on plans like there would be with friends or larger groups. Life is easy!

It also means you have an extra set of eyes, ears and even an extra brain (or maybe two half brains for us..) when it comes to organizing the adventure and finding the best deals. Working as a team, we have also found ourselves to be able to overcome any obstacle we find in our way.

Memories for a Lifetime

The last (and best) advantage of travelling with your partner is that the memories you produce will last a lifetime. Everything you do will be with the person you are ready to spend the rest of your life with, meaning there will be no wasted memories or spoilt tales of your adventures.

We have been exploring the world together for 5 years now, bringing all of our incredible memories, ridiculous mistakes and fantastic lessons learned along with us. Life only comes around once and the memories we make are all that we both take with us and leave behind after we are done and dusted. Don’t waste another minute! Explore!

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Couple Travel - The Only Travel Buddy You Need

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