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Couple Destinations In Chile

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Couple Destinations In Chile - The Traveller's Guide By #ljojlo

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Chile is the long skinny country on the west coast of South America. This wine filled place is home to the driest place on earth, one of the worlds largest swimming pools, lakes, penguins, some awesome street art and is perfect for a motorhome road trip. Chile has many options to keep the adventurous couple, arty couple, beachy couple, and city couple amused or you can make Chile your honeymoon destination. To prove my point here are a handful of places that make perfect couple destinations in Chile.

Valparaiso, Chile – Living La Vida Global

Couple Destinations In Chile - Valparaiso - The Traveller's Guide By #ljojlo

Visiting art galleries around the world can be a hit or miss thing, but when the gallery takes up almost the entire town then you can’t help but be impressed. Valparaiso is a short bus ride from Santiago in Chile and makes a fantastic day trip from the capital. It is also one of the world’s most famous street art destinations, which is one of the many sensational attractions of Valparaiso

Start your day with a local pastry or two before heading out to explore this outdoor display of amazing art from dozens of local and world-renowned artists. You won’t have to travel very far from the bus depot before finding your first exhibit and from there you can simply follow the colours. There are also some creatively decorated, and quite challenging steps that you will encounter as you walk around. Valparaiso is quite hilly and you will definitely become friends with the historic, cheap, and somewhat scary Funiculars that are scattered through town. Grab a coffee at one of the many cafes on the hills and take in the great views of the water as you rest your feet.

Be prepared for a lot of walking and climbing but the rewards are greater than the effort, although your aching muscles may disagree the next day. We felt Valparaiso was a great way for us to spend a day together, especially having just completed a group tour. It gave us the perfect location for spending some time at our own pace enjoying two of our favourite travel activities, exploring somewhere new on foot and finding awesome street art.

And one final tip; don’t forget to grab a few empanadas from street vendors to keep your strength up, or for whatever reason you think of. Then again who needs an excuse for local empanadas?

Written by Dean & Pauline @ Living La Vida Global

The Seven Lakes (Los Siete Lagos) – Mind Of A Hitchhiker

When road-tripping down all of Chile with your lover, you’ll encounter the lakey bits just before you need a thicker jacket. The Seven Lakes is where the country reaches its peak romanticism. Think proper cabin-in-the-woods culture, gorgeous vistas of the four snow-capped volcanoes and the smell of burning wood from a cozy campfire.

There’s plenty of things to do in these surroundings. Besides obviously going on a hiking binge, you can climb the Villarrica volcano, visit the thermal springs of Liquiñe, go rafting, drink southern craft beer, capture waterfalls, swim in the chilly glacial waters, spot wildlife and perhaps even go downhill skiing. By far the best couple’s activity is contemplating how life is fragile and needs to be lived in the now, since you’re sleeping on a major subduction zone. Earthquakes and Strombolian-scale volcanic eruptions are just a thought away.

Keep it luxurious and rent a proper cottage with romantic lakeview on on Airbnb, or maintain your budget by camping out in nature and hitchhiking from place to place. The best time to visit is in Chilean spring or autumn. Be careful in summer when the (very long) Chilean holidays happen, as finding accommodation can be tough.

Written by Iris @ Mind Of A Hitchhiker

Puritama Hot Spring – Eat Work Travel

When traveling to the Atacama Desert area of Chile, the Puritama Hot Springs are a “must do” for a relaxing couples activity. The Puritama Hot Springs consists of a series of 8 pools filled with warm geothermal waters. The water stays around 92 degrees Fahrenheit (approx 33 degrees Celcius) so it was the perfect temperature to melt away the aches in our legs from hiking the surrounding desert.

The pools are connected by wooden planks which offer easy access to each pool. For a more secluded pool with your significant other, keep going towards the end for the perfect couple destination in Chile. In our experience the first 3 or 4 pools stay the most crowded.

You are free to bring a picnic on the property to enjoy so you can pack a lunch to share as a couple. Soaking in the naturally warm waters with your significant other is a nice romantic way to spend the morning or afternoon! We loved floating in the crystal clear waters which were surrounded by a touch of greenery and the red, desert rocks in the distance. The uniqueness of this setting makes for a perfect couple destination in Chile.

Written By Brian & Amanda @ Eat Work Travel

Easter Island – Dotted Globe

Easter Island, a territory of Chile, is a tiny, remote island in the Pacific Ocean. Famous for its giant stone heads or the Moai, Easter Island boasts of many ancient archaeological sites that preserve the Rapa Nui civilization. We had a great time exploring Ahu Tongariki, Tahai complex and the other ceremonial platforms on the island; visiting the Rano Raraku quarry where the Moai were carved was an incredible experience.

Easter Island also promised an array of outdoor activities from hiking the volcanoes and horse-riding remote North Coast to snorkeling and scuba-diving in the Pacific Ocean which we took full advantage of during our stay. We also enjoyed the local cuisine and the fresh fish preparations. The traditional Polynesian dance shows are great to understand the Rapa Nui culture.

The village of Hanga Roa offers many romantic accommodation options ranging from all-inclusive hotels, luxury resorts to glamping in rustic cabins overlooking the Pacific. My husband and I spent 5 wonderful days on this magical island and it easily remains the highlight of our trip and one of the perfect couple destinations in Chile.

Written by Ketki @ Dotted Globe

Atacama Desert, Chile – Travellers Archives

When flying from Santiago de Chile to San Pedro de Atacama in the North, the approach is like a moon landing. The scenery is as surreal as it was not of this world. The probably most impressive part is the Valle de la Luna. The Valley of the Moon is located in the region of Antofagasta between the volcano Licancabur and the Salar de Atacama. Come here when the sun sets and the scene in a constantly changing light. It can hardly be more romantic than this while in one of the best couple destinations in Chile.

Almost more impressive is the end of the day at the Salar de Atacama. The colour of the sky, the horizon and the salt lake changes with every second. The whole landscape throws itself into an orange colour, later deep red and when the sun has disappeared behind the horizon, even a pink. And as if that were not enough, flamingos are standing gracefully in the picture.

 Written by Clemens @ Travellers Archive

So there you have it! Couples can enjoy Chile just like ourselves and other travellers have above. However, have we missed anywhere? Do you know of a place in Chile that is perfect for couples? If you do please comment below and tell us all about it because we wouldn’t want to miss any of the perfect couple destinations in Chile. 

Also, it must be stated that Chile is the safest country in South America, which is just another reason to visit. Not convinced check out this article on the safest countries in South America

Otherwise, if travelling around Chile in a motorhome takes your fancy we were crazy enough to do it with Andes Campers for 18 days and witnessed why there are many reasons why you should add Chile to your bucket list.

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