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Review – Villa Club Corner Residence, Canggu

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Driving down a quiet driveway surrounded by the rice fields saw us arrive at the final lodge, Villa Club Corner Residence, Canggu. If I could describe the feel of this villa, I would use the words safe and relaxing. Villa Club Corner Residence’s location was at the end of a group of villas controlled by security at the front entrance. It, therefore, was a quiet place that felt safe and secure. Due to its peaceful nature, it was perfect for relaxing. 

Outdoor/Pool Area:


This view saw us in awe of the Villa Club Corner Residence from the moment we walked in. To have a beautiful large pool for six people, a bungalow that was an incredible place to sit and enjoy a good book, an outdoor shower, banana lounges, an outdoor couch and not to mention the pool table, which was an absolute hit, what more could you want. Days could be spent lazing away in this area without hesitation.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms:


The bedrooms were spacious and comfortable. The beds especially were FANTASTIC. I could have slept for days in that bed above. This bedroom had a glorious and romantic feel to it as it consisted not only of a four-poster bed but a sitting area, huge wardrobe and monstrous bathroom.


The bathroom contained a bathtub, which we, unfortunately, did not use, a massive rain shower and a double vanity. The toilet was squished weirdly into the corner of the bathroom, which was slightly disappointing and the smells of the shampoo, conditioner and hand wash supplied could have been better. The only other small negativity was the foot of the bed did get in front of the television so if you were hoping to watch TV in bed it could get frustrating.



Bedroom 2 & 3 were again spacious with unique features. Bedroom 2 contained a spacious in-built day bed overlooking the rice fields. Bedroom 3, however, had a beautiful deck overlooking the grassed area of the villa. The bathrooms were quite small in these bedrooms yet were functional.

Common Areas:



The common areas included a massive dining table, a sitting area with TV, a downstairs toilet and a kitchen we even used for cooking. This great area was also fantastic for inside relaxing if you require sun avoidance. Being Australian’s we enjoyed watching the Australian Rules Football during our stay in this space.  I must admit the negativity to this area was the kitchen did seem slightly out-dated in comparison to the rest of the property.

Staff & Service:

The staff at the villa were incredible and did everything in their power to make our stay as comfortable as possible. Arriving later in the evening after travelling the meandering quiet roads of Canggu the wonderful Kemang and Nanik, workers at the villa, greeted us. They instantly helped us with our bags and began to unpack our groceries that we had purchased as we were hoping to cook while in the villa. They negotiated with us every day on the best time for them to come to service the villa and incredibly they even did our dishes for us, something I am not proud to admit.

Thank you Ayu, Kemang and Nanik for making us feel at home and providing us with excellent service.

Extra Perks & Services:

While staying at the Villa Club Corner Residence, you are given two membership cards to the Canggu Club, which can be used interchangeably by guests. We didn’t use these, stupid I know! The Canggu Club though does include facilities such as Bounce, a place full of trampolines, a waterpark and many sporting facilities. Probably a place worth checking out and something we plan to do on our next visit.

Other services included organisation of a driver (if required), spa treatments and the cooking of meals.

As you can see Villa Club Corner Residence does have your needs covered.

Final Thought:

Booking the Villa Club Corner Residence through was a decision I certainly do not regret.  In the future if I travel to Bali again with a group of friends I would highly consider staying at the Villa Club Corner Residence again.Interesting in booking this villa? Please check out for great service and rates.

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