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Unique Airbnb Rentals – The Coolest Airbnbs

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Unique Airbnb Rentals - The Coolest Airbnb

Are you obsessed with Airbnb like I am? Do you hunt long and hard to find the most unique Airbnb rentals? Are you wanting to stay in the coolest Airbnb every time you need accommodation? If you answered yes to any of the above you are in the right place. 

Using Airbnb is one of our favourite luxury travel hacks. Getting great accommodation with those extra luxuries such as a kitchen or laundry if needed for a fraction of the cost makes Airbnb an epic luxury travel hack. Couple this with splitting costs if you are travelling with your partner or a group of friends staying in unique Airbnbs becomes incredibly cheap for incredible experiences like the ones below. 

Featured image above supplied by Darren & Lauren at Faramagan.


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ASIA: Unique Airbnb Rentals In Asia

INDONESIA: Bamboo Hut, Bali

If you’re looking for a unique Airbnb listing in Bali, you should take a closer look at Hideout Bali and their bungalows, which are handmade in Bamboo with a unique location in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Bali. Here, you can get the jungle vibes that you dream of, but the necessities needed in modern life such as Wi-Fi, good bed, shower and toilet.

The bungalows of Hideout Bali are carefully constructed and each one of them is unique. The owners are very friendly, and are happy to help with any queries. They even provide a scooter so that you can travel around the area if you don’t want to stay at your bamboo house in the jungle all day.

This particular one in the photo is called Hideout Lightroom, and features an outdoor bathtub, seating area next to a small river, and a one-floor bamboo house with a comfy double bed, 2 comfy chairs and a small sofa. It has everything needed for a chilled adventure in the jungle.

To get here, I suggest to take a taxi, which will cost around 300,000-500,000 Indonesian Rupiah ($21 – $35US) depending on where you get your taxi from. Also, remember to book a long time ahead as this place has become very popular via social media, and can easily be fully booked for 2-3 months in advance.

Thanks to Alexander @ Destinavo

Interested in staying at Hideout Lightroom? Check it our here!

JAPAN: Large Ski House Airbnb

Hitting the slopes of Japan? Check out this The Best Airbnb Hakuba Accommodation!


The Chai Lai Orchid is an Eco Lodge and Airbnb specialising in the rescue and protection of elephants. It is currently the only Airbnb in the world that allows you to stay with elephants in this way.

It is located around 40km, or an hour by road from central Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. They will pick you up from any accommodation in Chiang Mai as part of the price.

We visited for two days (one night) while booking on to the two day ‘Elephant Rescue, Karen Homestay and Waterfall Trek’.

Cost was 4,900฿ (around $154US at the time of writing) per person, which included all meals and activities over the two days. The only thing we had to pay extra for were a couple of beers and cocktails we had in the evening. 

Whilst this was one of the most expensive things we did in Thailand, it was an experience we will not forget in a hurry. We walked with elephants, helped to wash them in the water and played with the babies. After the day was done we relaxed in beautiful wooden cottages, and spent the following day walking with a member of the local Karen tribe through jungle trails, and swimming in waterfalls.

Chai Lai Orchid was an amazing experience, and a truly ethical one. Their website details exactly what they do to rescue elephants, and also to help the women of the local tribes. I’d highly recommend it as a place to stay if you’re in Chiang Mai.
Thanks to Ben @ The Sabbatical Guide

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Other Asia Airbnbs consist of:
– MALAYSIA – Airbnb Malaysia – The Best Kuala Lumpur

EUROPE: Showcasing Some Of The Coolest Airbnbs

FRANCE: Cosy House in the French Alps

Are you a skiing enthusiast? Or passionate about summer hiking? Then the French Alps should be  on your bucket list. Just an hour’s drive from Geneva, or from Chamonix, the world capital of mountaineering, lies a charming alpine village with an excellent ski resort. The village is nestled at the foothill of the Mont Blanc and you can admire a beautiful panorama from the ski slopes.

In Les Contamines, there are a number of options on Airbnb, however they are mostly divided in two choices: small appartments or large chalets. If you are travelling as a family or a small group of friends, you may only have the choice between being packed in a small space or having way too many bedrooms. 

La Maison Blanche is different. This cosy house with three bedrooms fits up to 6 people comfortably. The bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs, and the kitchen and living area are on the ground floor. The house has a large and cosy living room with a fireplace and views over the village and mountains.

This home is just the right size to enjoy a relaxing winter’s escape, or to explore the many hiking trails in summer. The village is a 10-minute walk away and access to the slopes is a 10-minute, placing La Maison Blanche in the heart of everything! The best part? Seeing the mountain behind the house take a pink hue at dusk… it’s a sign of good weather!

Thanks to Delphine @ Lester Lost

Dreaming of that winter escape? Book it here!

ICELAND: Dome House

Iceland is the Land of Fire and Ice and also the land where Nordic tales of Vikings and their heroic voyages come to life. I was lucky enough during my Ring Road road trip to stay at an Airbnb which was modelled after the historic Viking longhouses. During my stay, I was lucky enough to call Hof í Vatnsdal my own and crowned myself queen of the Viking establishment. Unfortunately the Viking Longhouse is no longer available for rent but the unique dome house right next door is now available (see photo below). 

Located in northern Iceland, this Airbnb belongs to a family who breeds Icelandic horses. The owners are warm and welcoming and even offer visitors a tour of the farm and rides on the shaggy, Icelandic horses. Modelled after the iconic, traditional Viking, turf longhouses, this building incorporates modern, white, sturdy brick. What truly brings the Viking longhouse experience to life is the interior of this Airbnb.

Inside the longhouse, there is a communal hall where breakfast is served. Next to the numerous dining tables, there is a cozy nook where visitors can relax next to a roaring fire. It’s easy to imagine the echos of fellow voyagers filling the hall in the morning and evening. Down the long corridor are the private rooms, each with a private bathroom, that look out on the rocky ridges that edge the property.

Outside, there is a rustic, outdoor fire pit inside a small wooden hut. Nearby there is a geothermal hot tub. This was the highlight of my stay. I sat in the hot tub and watched the Northern Lights dance across the sky as snow swirled around me.

Thanks to Martha @ Quirky Globetrotter

Wanting to see the Northern Lights from a Viking Loghouse? Book the dome house at this guesthouse here!

IRELAND: Old Schoolhouse Airbnb

When we were looking for special places to stay in the South East section of Ireland we stumbled across the perfect experience – a beautiful old schoolhouse with a castle in the back yard.  The school house was built in 1896 and boasts views of the local ferry in Ballyhack Village.  It’s also just a few steps from the local pub where we met several people who could give us stories of going to school in the school house.  What could be more Irish?
The house itself is TV free (which I think adds to the appeal) but does have internet (so we could get our work done).  The main room has a fabulous supply of books and local tourist information.  We spent many nights nestled in front of the fireplace and enjoying a game of Trivial Pursuit.  The upstairs also have a cozy fireplace area.  There is a lovely glassed in porch where you can spend hours watching the ferry come and go (while nestled up with a good book).
The area is less touristy and has plenty of areas that are easy to drive to and fun to explore.  We frequently enjoyed Hook Head Peninsula, the city of New Ross, Waterford, many area castles and the Copper Coast.  If you’re looking for history, relaxation, views, great people and feeling like you are off the beaten path, this little schoolhouse in Ballyhack Ireland is an excellent choice. 

Thanks to Lori @ Fitz 5 On The Go

Does a schoolhouse in Ireland tickle your fancy? Book it here!

SWEDEN: Airbnb on the Water, Sailboat Around Gothenburg

Some of the best experiences are the ones that totally surprise you, and that was the case with our trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. A friend and I had snagged super cheap tickets, and figured we’d just grab an Airbnb and explore the city for a couple days.  Instead, as I combed Airbnb, I found a sailboat (complete with captain) that could whisk us around the tiny islands of the Gothenburg Archipelago for the weekend.  SOLD.

Patrik picked us up in Gothenburg and we spent a few hours enjoying the city and also stocking up on groceries and adult beverages.  Then we boarded the 007 and hit the open water.  The itinerary was completely up to us. We could sail all day, dock on an island for a meal, swim, fish, whatever struck our fancy.  He had islands already in mind for us to dock overnight, but otherwise the world was our oyster. 

The experience was completely magical!  We spent three days off the grid exploring the tiny nooks and crannies of the islands.  We ate amazingly fresh fish with buttery white wine in Marstrand, watched fireworks in Grötö, soaked in one of the prettiest sunrises I’ve ever seen on Björkö, and spent the afternoons with the sound of water lapping, having a drink, reading, and trying some of the Swedish caviar they’re fond of.  This experience of sailing in Sweden is one I wouldn’t trade for the world!

Thanks to Jessica @ One Girl, One World

Interested in sailing around in Sweden? Check it out here!

SWITZERLAND: An Airbnb Bungalow with a View (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and its largest city, Zurich, is no exception. When looking where to stay in Zurich, I saw that the price range for most hotels downtown was more than I wanted to pay. That’s when I turned to Airbnb and decided to expand my search to the outskirts of Zurich. As soon as I saw this cozy bungalow, I knew I had to stay in it.
The bungalow is a 30-minute beautiful drive from downtown Zurich. You drive along Lake Zurich and admire the mixture of modern and old architecture, together with nature, until you arrive at the municipality of Meilen. 
Here, behind a two storied house, located on a small hill is a private bungalow with its own fireplace and cabin-like decor. Nonetheless, my favourite feature of the property is the large glass doors that allow you to have a gorgeous view of Lake Zurich and the Swiss Mountains without having to get out of bed. I still remember as it was yesterday, waking up rested after an exhausting day, opening my eyes and almost not believing the view I had in front of my eyes. 
The bungalow also has a private bathroom, a garden, and free parking. If not driving, the property is close to a bus stop and 10-min from the train station. There’s no breakfast included, but for an additional fee, a Swiss breakfast is delivered to the bungalow. 

Thanks to Sheila @ Golden Age Trips

Looking for an Airbnb in Switzerland? You can do so HERE!

OCEANIA: Airbnbs On Water Anyone?


My absolute favourite Airbnb – nay, accommodation – was one that I booked in Tahiti. I found a catamaran that was somehow not priced obscenely, and it turned out to be my best stay ever.

Now, this particular catamaran isn’t one of your sleek, luxury boats that you imagine berthed in swank marinas swarming with ‘the yacht crowd’. It’s owned by an engineer, who personally embellished it with all the amenities. While it doesn’t look posh, you’ll want for nothing. The catamaran harvests both solar and wind power, has hot water, water filtration, and is kitted out to capture freshwater from the rain. And my host was still experimenting. So actually, as an environmental engineer by training, this particular boat suited me even better than a ‘typical’ yacht would have!

Anchored alone in the lagoon south of Tahiti, off of Vaira’o, away from other yachts, the location is peaceful, and often devastatingly beautiful. On my very first evening, we saw a giant rainbow spill down the hill towards the surfer’s beach of Teahupo’o. The full moon rises directly across from behind the island. On calm days, the lagoon is like mirrored glass. Even when it rains, cloudbanks stream dramatically from Tahiti like a wide foggy ribbon. And of course, the sunsets are incredible. Out on the lagoon, there were no mosquitoes or pests. The water is just a jump away. And there’s no sand getting into all your things.

Yes, this is a self-catering accommodation. And yes, washing up involves hauling water from the sea with a bucket, among other things. But to be perfectly honest, I rather enjoyed the shipboard chores. It was the only time I found it hard to leave someone else’s place.

Thanks to Nuraini @ Teja On The Horizon 

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NORTH AMERICA: All Sorts of Airbnbs

CANADA: Off The Grid Airbnb Cabin

One my most favorite and unique Airbnb finds was staying at an off-grid former park warden cabin built in the early 1900s! The cabin is located in the East Kootenay Rockies region of British Columbia, Canada and is a perfect home base for outdoor adventure enthusiasts (think hiking, rafting and natural hot springs).

After a few minutes driving down a gravel road, you pull up to the property. First you see the owner’s house, where they greet you and bring you down further on their property where you find the little log cabin, tucked away in its own private area.

There’s no running water or electricity, so your evenings are spent by the campfire or under the candle light in the cabin. There’s even a vintage wood burning stove that you can use if you’re staying here during the winter.

You have access to an old school bus that’s been converted to a kitchen and dining area. Potable water is provided and the fridge is powered by solar electricity. I’ve never had a more peaceful cup of coffee as I sat on the cute wooden porch overlooking the small swimming hole and watching the sun rise.

As the cabin is completely off-grid, so is the loo! A 20 second walk will bring you to the pleasant outhouse, but the best part about the washroom facilities is the outdoor shower! Rain water is collected from up the hill and heated under the hot afternoon sun. A refreshing outdoor shower is truly an unforgettable experience, but be sure to keep it short, as you never know when the warm water will run out!

Thanks to Alyssa @ Like Where You’re Going

Off the grid take your fancy? Book it here!

COSTA RICA: Tropical Treehouse Airbnb

There’s a forest house in Costa Rica that’s a pretty amazing place to be. It’s a big place that looks a lot like a tree house, in the most incredible setting. The rooms all face outwards, which means that the doors look out of the house instead of inside, and it’s a good thing because the view is quite unbelievable. We’d wake up with toucans flying around, have breakfast while monkeys tried to grab the fruit from our kitchen, see the most colourful lizards climbing the trees, being kissed by hummingbirds, and even find sloths eating the leaves on the trees. 
The toilet is an outdoor toilet, and we used to take showers and have huge moths and butterflies flying around, and on the way, we’d see some adorable frogs jumping around. Sometimes the monkeys would climb on the roof of the toilet and bang for food too!
With the good, also comes the bad, of course. The internet was very hard to use and even mobile coverage was spotty. And there were some evil bugs like ants and cockroaches too, because, you know, it’s in the forest. So be sure to check out what you need to pack for Costa Rica. However it’s still one of our most memorable Airbnb rentals ever, and one we’ll cherish forever!

Thanks to Thais @ World Trip Diaries

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CUBA: The Best Airbnb in Havana


If you want to go to a typical beach resort, this Airbnb is not for you.  However, if you want to enjoy a rustic, awe inspiring, relaxing, back to nature place, then Great Huts is perfect for you.    

This Airbnb is an ecotourism gem located beside Boston Bay in Port Antonio.  The property consists of 40 African theme huts interwoven in a rainforest environment.  These quirky, cool, African themed huts each have their own unique personality. 

Some huts are in tree house environment where you have a bird’s- eye view of the surrounding countryside and the nearby Boston Bay.   Other huts are stand-alone and blend seamlessly into the rainforest environment.   Additionally, some huts have their own private bathroom, while others make use of a communal bathroom and bathing area.  Keep in mind the huts don’t have windows and really not much of a door.  If you want something a bit more high end, but still want to experience the African theme, there is a stand-alone villa with its own pool.

The lobby area also doubles as a library and you can find books on a wide variety of subjects.  Yoga and a cultural show are offered weekly.  Additionally, if you want to go surfing, Boston Bay is next door.   

An added plus is Great Huts is located in one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica.   A few nearby attractions are Reach falls, Somerset falls, the Blue Lagoon, Rafting on the Rio Grande, and Frenchman’s Cove.  

Thanks to Charmaine @ Jamaica Travel Saver

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PUERTO RICO - Beautiful Airbnb Treehouse

In Cayey, next to Lake Carite, is a hidden wonder. Tucked away in the Puerto Rican mountainside is a self-sustaining treehouse. Thankfully, the owner has decided to share this treasure with travellers, as staying here was one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico!

The views of the lake and mountains are spectacular, but the actual treehouse is just as amazing. The lighting runs off solar panels and the running water is collected from rain.

Now if you’re like me and not the greatest at remembering all necessities, no worries, the host has thought of everything; from wine openers to bug spray! More, this generous host will even offer to meet you to guide you to the treehouse as it is a ways off the main street. I highly recommend taking them up on this offer as the winding road eventually turns to dirt. Which brings me to my next point, only book this treehouse if you have a vehicle that can handle a little rugged terrain. Jon and I really tested our poor little Hyundai Elantra rental!

I also only advise driving to and from the treehouse during daylight. No worries though, there is no need to go out at night. Just bring some groceries, make dinner and enjoy this magical Airbnb under the stars. 

Thanks to Kati @ Stop, Drop, And Trek

Want to experience a secluded treehouse? Book it here!

USA: Florida, Yacht

The Sleepwalk is a 50 ft Houseboat/ Yacht docked in Causeway Marina, Ft Pierce, Florida. It is a made-to-order unconventional, incredible experience.

We met our host at the dock. Our home for the weekend was moored near the end of the marina’s dock system; an easy walk and worlds away. Captain Robert outlined the unique features of staying shipboard and patiently fielded all of our questions. The interior was cozy, romantic and appropriately nautical.

Lodging onboard a beautifully maintained boat offers a tinge of excitement. The Sleepwalk was also a very clean, comfortable and unique experience. Sitting in the sea breeze was beautiful and peaceful. Pelicans, sea turtles and a few randy fish kept us entertained in between the dramatic sunset and unexpected moonrise. Staying in the marina is a chance to enjoy the freshness of the sea air on the open deck and sleep with the lull of the waves. It also presents the reality of living on and around the water, the importance of maintaining our environment and the need to respect fresh water.

The boat was stocked with everything you need to stay onboard. Captain Robert, our host was welcoming and very accessible. The waterfront restaurants, beach and waterfront promenade are less than a mile and can be reached by car or bike. Area restaurants are fun and delicious with an easy Florida vibe. We loved playing boat owner for a few days. Staying on a boat is an outstanding opportunity to celebrate a special occasion or simply drop out and relax. We slept like babies and will be back soon. Interested in other amazing Airbnbs in Florida? Check out these as they are the best Florida Airbnbs.

Thanks to Halle @ Passenger in Transit

Staying on the water sound like something you would like? Book it here!

USA: Joshua Tree, Stylish Airbnb Cabin

Joshua Tree is filled with gorgeous cabins, many owned by city dwellers who have created stylish desert retreats. Our favourite is the Moon Cabin, which has all the hallmarks of the hipster desert-chic vibe, including a crystal collection, guitar, record player, and bohemian, handmade dreamcatchers. The whole place is beautifully styled and you can easily spend hours just hanging out and staring across the desert from the lounge or outside on the porch.

There’s a separate bedroom, plus a sofa bed that sleeps two in the lounge. And the dining table has space for six. We were there with four friends who stayed in a converted bus next door, and the Moon Cabin was ideal for all of us to hang out in. There’s even a bocce ball court in the yard.

The Moon Cabin is about five minutes’ drive from Joshua Tree Town and another 15 minutes’ drive to the National Park.

I wholeheartedly recommend it as a perfect Joshua Tree AirBnB experience. 

Thanks to Victoria @ Bridges & Balloons

Wanting to stay in an exquisite cabin? Book it here!

USA: Napa Valley, Cat Cottage

Crow Cottage is located in California’s Napa ValleyNapa Valley is a region in northern California especially famous for their vineyards. In fact, it’s the top wine growing region in the United States. Napa‘s small and large scale wineries arguably produce some of the world’s best wines. Crow Cottage is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom guest house located in the heart of Napa‘s Downtown neighborhood. It’s closer to restaurants, bars and wineries.

Crow Cottage is known for its whimsical, eclectic, charm. It’s owned and operated by two artists. The entire space is decorated with their art and particularly cat art. There’s cat pillows, cat paintings, cat knickknacks, cat lawn ornaments and actual cats hanging out on the property (and one particularly fat cat). In addition to cats, there are also a lot of other forest animals scurrying around the property. Between the inside décor, and the outdoor creatures, staying at this house is quite the experience!

The place was extremely clean and comfortable for two people. I particularly liked that the space was separate from the main home, allowing for privacy. All travel essentials were stocked. Also, there is a full kitchen with cooking essentials, so you would have the option to make your own food. 

Thanks to Valentina @ Valentina’s Destinations

Love cats? Check out availability and prices here!

USA: Georgia - Airbnb Houseboat - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Jekyll Island is known for unique lodging. You can stay at the Historic Jekyll Island Club in the vacation suites of JP Morgan, William Rockefeller, or Joseph Pulitzer. It’s elegant, posh, and everything you’d expect from the winter resort of the turn of the century industrial elite. There’s another, even more, unique option on Jekyll Island – staying on a houseboat.

The Devocean, a renovated 1975, 57 foot Lazy Days Houseboat is parked right in the tiny Jekyll Island Marina. From your rooftop deck, you can watch the sunset over the causeway bridge or manatees dining at the dock. Pods of dolphins swim up and down the shores, and these marshes are the largest breeding grounds for sharks on the East Coast.
Staying on a houseboat gives you the best of both worlds. You wake up to the nature of the marshlands and can take a leisurely walk or bike ride up to the Historic District.

We met the host couple, Adam and Jamie, when they were leading a sunset dolphin cruise. Adam was a rough and tough sea captain with law enforcement experience and a bad sense of humour. Jamie was the perfect tour guide who loved pointing out the abundant wildlife along the marshes along with calling Adam on his tall tales (don’t fall for the
seat belt gag). They live on their own houseboat just a few slips down so you’re sure to see them. Given their personality, it’s no wonder their reviews call them “super hosts” and 95% of the guest give this location a 5-star rating on Airbnb.

Thanks to Ed & Jennifer @ Coleman Concierge

Looking for an Airbnb in Georgia USA? You can do so HERE!

USA: Hawaii, Hand-Built Hut - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

When searching for accommodation on the Big Island of Hawaii we found hotels exceeded our budget and were often located in the bigger cities away from the beautiful nature of the island. When visiting somewhere as exciting as Hawaii, we wanted accommodation that submerged us in the island’s natural beauty, not a multi story hotel with a concierge and buffet breakfast.

We are no strangers to quirky accommodation and often find the most unique and affordable places to stay via Airbnb which is exactly how we found ourselves spending 5 nights in a hand-built hut on an organic farm in Hawaii. Our mezzanine bed looked out into the jungle as well fell asleep to the crickets and geckos chirping from dusk until dawn. 

Our small terrace out front provided the perfect sunrise watching spot but also area to relax with a glass of wine after a tough day of lava watching and poke eating. 

We were instantly submerged into island with outdoor showers and a communal kitchen complete with hammock. We even played poker under the stars and tried our hand at fire dancing with the owners as they taught us about the Aloha way of life. It was an Airbnb experience we will never forget and one which made our trip to Hawaii even more memorable. 

Thanks To Darren & Lauren @ Faramagan 

Looking for an Airbnb in Hawaii? You can do so HERE!

South America: Airbnb Apartment

Chile: Stylish Apartment

Our first Airbnb experience was in Chile, Santiago to be exact? Check out Where To Stay With Airbnb Santiago!

Have you stayed in a unique Airbnb rental? If so please drop the link to this Airbnb in the comments because we are always on the hunt for the coolest Airbnb. 

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Unique Airbnb Rentals - Luxury Travel Hacks
Unique Airbnb Rentals - The Coolest Airbnb