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Airbnb Phoenix – Luxury Accommodation

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Planning a trip to Phoenix or Scottsdale? Want to enjoy all the benefits of home-away-from-home? And more?  Please be sure to check out this beautifully appointed Airbnb Phoenix home. Located close to local attractions, hiking trails, museums, shops, and restaurants is perfect – be it downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale.  The property truly defines five-star luxury. Amenities rule in this Phoenix Airbnb property. A special bonus is waiting outside the sliding glass doors: a living area that welcomes you to indulge in the outdoor living space.  Pool, Jacuzzi, grill, fire pit, and seating are the epitome of comfort. 

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Guest Post By Marie Leiter

New Year’s Eve in a Phoenix Airbnb

New Year’s Eve is a milestone for us.  It is the culmination of the year gone by with all the challenges, triumphs, losses, and lessons learned. Some years we celebrate in grand style, while others are enjoyed quietly.  Regardless of where we celebrate we cook gourmet meals that are fantastic. We all have our culinary specialties and share the meal planning. Cocktails, wine, good music, four course menus, Venetian masks, and refined decorations set the stage for a great evening with people that are our chosen family.

Our tradition over the last ten years has been to celebrate with our BFFs.  We travel to their home in Collegeville, PA and on alternate years, they travel to us in National Harbor, MD.  As 2018 was coming to a close, we decided to plan a New Year’s Eve destination for 2019.

Why Phoenix?

Destination of choice was based on warmer climate, friendly airports and more than one flight in and out of the closest airport. Airbnb, our search engine, did not disappoint.  Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona were our selected search cities due to warmer climate, hiking trails, and easy access from the PHX airport. After an initial search of homes on Airbnb, we eliminated Sedona (this time), as it was a two-hour drive from PHX.  

Since Phoenix temperatures in late December ranged from 64 degrees high and 44 degrees low, we were sold. Hiking trails were in close proximity with varying level of difficulty. Restaurants, museums, and local attractions were plentiful.  Done deal.

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Airbnb Phoenix

Since our search parameters were narrowed down to the city of Phoenix, AZ, our next step was to find homes that wowed us. Airbnb Phoenix provided many options.  

Luxury Biltmore Airbnb – Phoenix

As we narrowed our list to the top three homes, the Luxury Biltmore in Phoenix quickly became our top choice.  The house showcased three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a pool/spa – and a backyard that was a second outdoor living space.  

The home was posted as a “Luxury Biltmore Vacation Home with Pool and Spa” – 10 to 15-minute drive from the PHX airport and the most amazing outdoor living room one could ever hope to find anywhere.  

Our decision was a no-brainer – coming from the East Coast in late December, we wanted some warmth and an outside area that welcomed you back again and again. 

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The Backyard

One of the biggest draws for us was the outside – it was another living space created for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment.  There were three sitting areas, a pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, fire pit, and grill. The owner of this home did not miss a thing – not one thing.  

Three sitting areas were located outside the kitchen where sliding glass doors brought the outside, inside: pool, Jacuzzi and lounging spaces.  One sitting area was very private and tucked away in the corner of the property, perfect for quiet reflection, reading, meditation and just being still. 

The other two sitting areas were designed as conversational spaces. One surrounded a fire pit for evening chats and a glass of wine, the other with comfortable, plush couches for stretching your legs, reading, enjoying a meal, or a nap.  

Of course, there was an outside flat panel television – not missing any big games on New Year’s Day. Nothing more to say, this Phoenix home was the one. 

Meeting The Host & Inside

A true telling point for any rental property is – does it look like the photos?  Before getting out of the car, the universal response was “yes.” Next question in our minds – will the inside be just like the photos on the Airbnb site? 

We rang the bell and the owner answered.  For privacy reasons, I will call him “Ben.”  Ben welcomed us to the house he built and then made his home.  We were blown away after walking through the front door. The entryway got five stars.  And, yes, it was designed to do so. Lights under the stone tile in the foyer invited you to come closer.  

To the right of the foyer was a large den/office with a desk/sitting area/television and all the connections required.

A Brunch To Die For

To the left was the kitchen, a gourmet kitchen that rivals the best home away from home kitchen one could possibly ask for.  And, it gets better. The kitchen island was a site to behold as a welcome brunch invited us to enjoy: pastries, bagels, fresh fruit (including strawberries) not just the standard apples and bananas, cookies, chocolates and a holiday themed flower arrangement – just capped off the soon-to-be photo shoot.  

The smorgasbord continued.  Hard-boiled eggs, fresh orange juice, and yogurt added to the breakfast items in the refrigerator.  I have traveled frequently – this gesture was one I will never forget and still talk about today. Seriously?  Oh, did I forget to mention there was wine and beer in the game room for us as well?  

Reality check — this home did not want for anything!  Each bedroom had sliding glass doors that led to an outdoor space.  The owner operated on the abundance mentality. Period. 

Ben (our super-host) confirms that “yes, this brunch is for you.”  He gave us a tour of the home, shared the well-outlined manual for any instructions we may need regarding Wi-Fi, television, temperature control, hot tub, etc., and his contact information for any questions we may have during our week stay.

Added Luxury in this Phoenix Airbnb

If potential renters were interested, the owner offered the luxury of having your own staff come in and cook your meals and tidy your home daily (additional fees for these services).

A Memo On Things To Do In Phoenix

While in Phoenix be sure to plan an afternoon at the Musical Instrument Museum, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, and the Bronze Bells of Cosanti.

Superhost Review of Marie

Marie and her friends were AWESOME guests!! They were very enjoyable and pleasant people to meet.  They left the home impeccably clean!!! I could hardly tell they even stayed there with how tidy they left it. Marie was so easy to communicate with as well, from the booking and throughout their stay. I HIGHLY recommend Marie to any host or property that she is inquiring about. They truly were 5 star guests. Thank you again Marie, You are welcome back anytime. Wish you and your friends a wonderful New Year.

About The Author

Always and forever, granddaughter of Italian immigrants, consummate style fashionista and  foodie, I find beauty in a simple meal, a destination, architecture, fashion and spaces –just to name a few.   Perhaps my grandparents passed on the travel “gene” to me during their voyage to America in the 1930’s.

Contemporaneously, I find that my travels have given me a front seat to the simple beauty found in the countryside of Tuscany, the arrondissements of Paris, Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, and the list goes on and on.  Travel is education.  I believe it reveals an intellectual curiosity, that begs for more.  As a curious soul, destinations, people, culture, architecture, markets, and ethnic foods speak to me. The more I explore, the more I yearn to do so.

As a Director of Human Capital for many years, I am now taking the knowledge, wisdom and lessons learned (aka transferrable skills) to my next journey, travel liaison. Always having a destination on my calendar, excites my soul.  Travel nourishes the mind, body and soul. Join me-no age limit!

 “Travel isn’t always pretty, it is not always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts. But that’s okay. The journey changes you. It should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain

For more about Marie and her travels follow along on her blog, Freedom Always and on her Instagram and Twitter