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Where to Stay With Airbnb – Santiago Chile?

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Staying in an Airbnb in Santiago Chile - Luxury Travel Hacks

Updated May '19

When something is new, there is always that feeling of excitement with a dash of nervousness. Navigating our first Airbnb experience was no different. An Airbnb in Santiago, Chile is a great option for any traveller and I would highly recommend it. To have those little touches such as a personal airport pick up, Chilean red wine and chocolate left for you is something I love about Airbnb. For these small reasons our Airbnb in Santiago de Chile, is still one of our favourites and made our time in Santiago, Chile fantastic. 

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Airbnb Santiago – What to Expect

Navigating Our First Airbnb Experience:

We were starting our 7-month adventure in Santiago and when doing research on finding the nicest place for the least amount of money Airbnb popped up. It was obvious that our first AirBnb in Santiago, Chile was going to give us the best bang for our buck. After spending hours researching apartments (and noticing aspects to look for in an Airbnb), we finally settled on a place in the Lastarria neighbourhood of Santiago, that was hosted by the wonderful Leonor. We were told this district was rich in history and vibrant with restaurants, theatres, museums and bars. Sound’s like a good place to stay, especially in a unique Chile Airbnb.

From the moment we booked I thought it was too good to be true. Communication was excellent, the photos of the apartment were exactly as the apartment looked and for a small fee, our hosts were even going to collect us from the airport. Airbnb, Chile was totally bringing the goods and unique experiences.

SIDE NOTE: I remember saying to my family before leaving that this was either going to be an incredible experience or we weren’t going to make it through our first night. So stupid I know, but if you have met my mother, you would be aware she always jumps to worst case scenario. Anybody else’s mother like that?

After 30 hours of travelling, four flights, swollen ankles and droopy eyes we walked out of Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Airport also known as Santiago International Airport. On inspecting the many faces and cards, we searched for our names before spotting a lovely couple holding a mobile phone with our profile photo from Airbnb. This was at this moment we finally met Leonor and her husband. Greeted in a traditional Chilean way with a kiss on the cheek we were already in full conversation on the way to the car. Leonor’s husband spoke fluent English, which was helpful considering neither one of us had learnt enough Spanish before this trip.

EXTRA NOTE: I highly recommend learning Spanish prior; it will make your life so much easier.

So began our quick trip into Santiago where we were given tips on things to do in Santiago, things to see in Santiago and day trips from Santiago. Being given such a wealth of local knowledge was great.

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Arrival To The Airbnb Apartment:

On arriving at our quaint apartment the entry was just as the photos depicted. Situated in the heart of an alley full of renowned restaurants, which is a food lovers dream. It was here we were shown around the area before taking the lift to the 5th floor to inspect the apartment. From here I will let the photos do the talking first.

Airbnb Santiago - Photo Story

Where to Stay in Santiago Chile? Our First Experience with Airbnb Santiago
Where to Stay in Santiago Chile? Our First Experience with Airbnb Santiago
Where to Stay in Santiago Chile? Our First Experience with Airbnb Santiago
Where to Stay in Santiago Chile? Our First Experience with Airbnb Santiago
Where to Stay in Santiago Chile? Our First Experience with Airbnb Santiago

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Airbnb Santiago - What was it Like?

To be frank the photos don’t do it justice. For a first Airbnb experience it certainly made us excited to use the Airbnb platform moving forward.

I can happily state I have now stayed in countless Airbnb’s all over the world and would recommend them every time. 

If you are yet to experience Airbnb and want a bargain to begin with? Click here for $55 off your first stay. 

With a quaint kitchen and spacious living area with sliding doors to the bedroom this Airbnb was perfect for two jetlagged travellers.  A full bathroom with tub and amenities such as shampoo and conditioner was a fantastic extra. 

Being jetlagged the fact we could watch telly from the bed was fantastic at 3am when we were wide awake. The unlimited internet and Netflix was a great touch. Not only was this my first Airbnb experience it was also my first Netflix experience, fair to say there is no going back. 

If you like music, there was a guitar to play. If you like a drinks there was Chilean red wine. If you like to relax there was a great couch. 

The only small downside to this entire Airbnb was that it didn’t have airconditioning but that is common in Santiago, Chile. With fans and windows we were fine during our warm stay. 

So Would We Use Airbnb Again?

A resounding YES! The apartment, the experience and the people were all 100% worth it and I can tell you I have already booked and stayed in countless Airbnb’s since. To be honest I wish I had explored this form of accommodation sooner. If you want to check out Leonor’s AirBnb check it out here – Decorated Apartment in Lastarria. Obviously, from this post I would 100% recommend staying in this Airbnb in Santiago, Chile.

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Staying in an Airbnb in Santiago? Here are Quick Tips on Santiago

Do you love food? I mean who doesn’t? Check out these top 10 Chilean restaurants in Santiago.

Barrio Lastarria

The neighbourhood of Lastarria (Barrio Lastarria) is in the centre of Santiago and is a historical neighbourhood. Full of restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, theatres and cinemas this neighbourhood is full of life. One certainly not to miss when visiting Santiago. 

Free Walking Tour

The free walking tour around Santiago is a must. Especially if you are looking to save money for more luxury on your travels because it is free. Mind you they do suggest you tip at the end, which we did because our tour guide was AMAZING. 

Want to read more about the Free Walking Tour? Check out our post – Santiago’s Free Walking Tour

San Cristóbal Hill

Feel like a hike? Want a view of the glorious city and the mesmerising Andes mountains? Head up San Cristóbal Hill. Hate walking up hills? There is even a cable car that can help you reach the top to take in these glorious views, especially at sunset. 

Santa Lucia Hill

Another hill, however, this hill is smaller and in the city centre. A very short walk from the Airbnb in fact and great little outing especially when jetlagged. Interestingly enough this hill used to be a volcano. 

Plaza de Armas

The main square of Santiago Chile is the Plaza de Armas. Gorgeous buildings surround this square and it has a great vibe. Simply hanging out in this centre spot of Santiago is great fun. If you are wanting to do the free walking tour, this is where it starts and I suggest getting there early so you can enjoy the square before taking off.

Central Markets

The Mercado Central de Santiago or Central Markets opened in 1872. Full of glorious food this is the place for foodie travellers not to miss. 

Barrio Bellavista

Close to San Cristóbal Hill I loved the vibe of Bellavista. With artistic flair and great nightlife this is place to certainly wander through and explore. With markets, quirky architecture and cheap bars and restaurants due to it being the University district this place is not to be missed. 

So Will You Visit Santiago Chile?

There are no excuses not to visit Santiago Chile anymore. With amazingly cheap accommodation options through Airbnb and plenty to do Santiago de Chile really should be on your list of places to visit. 

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Staying in an Airbnb in Santiago Chile - Luxury Travel Hacks
Where to Stay in Santiago Chile - Our First Experience with Airbnb Santiago - Luxury Travel Hacks