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Airbnb Firenze – The Best Florence Airbnb

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Airbnb Firenze - The Best Florence Airbnb - Luxury Travel Hacks

Airbnb Florence, Italy – The Best Place To Stay?

Florence is a great city and the perfect place to start or end a trip to Italy. But where to stay in when visiting Florence? Airbnb Firenze (Italian for Florence), is a great option and this post will highlight the great Airbnb I stayed in during my visit. 

There are numerous places to visit in the beautiful country and Florence should not be your only stop. When spending only a few days in Florence, you want to be centrally located. Walking to various monuments and museums is easy if you’re not there during peak season. I recently stayed at the Home Of The Lions. The one-bedroom apartment was perfect for the two of us.

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Guest Post By Sally Pederson

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Where to Stay in Florence?

This Airbnb Firenze Centro has everything you need for a perfect stay. It is fully furnished with everything you need for your comfort and relaxation. Ideally located in the center of the city, you can walk to numerous attractions and restaurants.

Florence - Airbnb Firenze - Luxury Travel Hacks

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Getting to the Airbnb Firenze - The House of The Lions

If you are arriving in Florence by plane, you will want to take a taxi to the Firenze Airbnb. Depending on the time of day you arrive, it should take about 20 – 30 minutes. If you are arriving by train, the House of The Lions is a 20-minute walk from the station or a short cab ride. The walk is nice to see some of the city and to stretch your legs a little. Remember, you have three flights of stairs to go up, so pack light and enjoy the city.  

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Situated on the Top Floor with Lots of Stairs

This Florence Airbnb is located on the third floor of the apartment building. You must be able to go up and down several stairs. Like most old buildings in Florence, there is no elevator. We were fine with the stairs and liked the fact that we were on the top floor of the building. 

The Bedroom

The large bedroom contained two wardrobes for our clothes, a desk to work at, and a nice large bed. The neutral colors and double windows allowed for nice light and fresh air at night. 

Bedroom - Airbnb Firenze - Luxury Travel Hacks

The Living & Dining Room

The living room and dining room space was open and furnished nicely. There is also a daybed in the corner that could be used for a third person or parents traveling with one child. It is a nice area to relax in and read one of the several books in the apartment or make plans for things to do in the evening. There is a tv in the corner of the room if you need to watch it. 

Lounge & Dining Room - Airbnb Florence - Luxury Travel Hacks

The Kitchen

The kitchen is small but has everything you need from basic cooking dishes to utensils. There is some tea, coffee, spices, and a few other items as well. It must be known that cooking in an Airbnb is a great luxury travel hack – check out these tips for cooking in an Airbnb.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has been recently redone and would be considered spacious for central Florence airbnb. In it is a small shower, toilet, bidet, and washing machine and dryer. There is also a large window over the sink allow some natural light and fresh air if you choose to open it. However, at the time of my stay, there was some construction going on outside which was noisy, so I kept it closed.    

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Things To Do Near the Firenze Airbnb

The apartment is perfectly located in the centre of the city. It is just steps from several tourist attractions making it a perfect spot for things to do in Florence.

The Complex of San Firenze

Discover items from the theater, opera, cinema, and museum inside the 17th-century Baroque-style building. The Museum Contains over 250 items by Maestro Zeffirelli’s seventy years in performing arts. It includes drawings, stage sketches, and costumes from the Florence-born film director. 

Soldani Palace

The 14th-century palace with large arches on the ground floor belonged to the Soldani family. The interior has been changed into fascinating apartments. However, it has a lot of history which makes it an interesting building to walk by.   

Museo Galileo

Museo di Storia della Scienza, now the Museo Galileo is one of the most important museums of its kind. It is also home to Galileo’s telescope. The famous one he used to discover that like earth, the moon has mountains, plains, and valleys. The building itself, is one of the oldest in Florence, being built in the 11th century. 

Vasari Corridor

Most people are completely unaware of the Vasari Corridor. It connects Palazzo Pitti, once the residence of the Medici family, to Palazzo Vecchio, the government’s headquarters at the time. The corridor is home to a special collection of artists self-portraits from the 16th and 17th centuries. The corridor is closed for renovations until 2021. 

Uffizi Gallery

One of the most famous museums in the world is just steps away from the Home of The Lions Firenze Airbnb. The building was designed by Giorgio Vasari and took twenty years to build, from 1560 – 1580. The first and second floors are home to the beautiful Gallery and some of the best masterpieces in the world. 

Ponte Vecchio

In about a five-minute walk you can be at the River Arno and famous Ponte Vecchio. Until 1218, Old Bridge, now known as Ponte Vecchio, was the only bridge to cross the Arno River in Florence. What you see now was rebuilt in 1345 after a devastating flood. It is said that Adolf Hitler liked the views from the Vasari Corridor so much that he ordered it, the only bridge in Florence, not to be destroyed during the withdrawal of the Germans in WWII. Every tourist in Florence walks across the bridge to look at all the jewelry shops and take pictures.

The Duomo

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza del Duomo, or just Duomo for short, is the most visited area in Florence. The magnificent gothic structure started being built near the end of the 13th century. The dome was added in the 15th century. It was an architectural feat, as no scaffolding was used to create the egg-shaped dome. You can climb to the top of the dome (the Cupola) and the bell tower.  Lines into to Duomo, the climb up to the top of the Cupola, and the Duomo Tower can be very long during peak season.  

Duomo - Airbnb Florence - Luxury Travel Hacks

Other Places to Visit

Some other places you want to visit in Florence are Palazzo Vecchio, Accademia Gallery and Michelangelo’s David, Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, Piazzale Michelangelo, Basilica San Miniato al Monte, and Mercato Centrale, just to name a few.

Places to Eat Near the House of The Lions

With thousands of restaurants throughout the city finding the right place to eat can be challenging. From Michelin star restaurants to budget food stands you want to eat fantastic Italy food. That’s part of the reason for going to Italy, to eat fantastic food and drink great wine. There are several restaurants near this wonderful Firenze Airbnb. Some of my favorites are included in The 6 Best Restaurants In Florence. Eating at any or all of these restaurants will make your trip to Florence unforgettable. Some of the dishes are like a piece of artwork and all of them will make you want to go back for more.   

When to Visit Florence

I recommend going to Florence during the shoulder season or in the winter. In the summer, Florence can be very hot. Sometimes reaching 35 degrees Celsius or hotter. It is also getting very crowded starting in May. This means you will spend a lot of time waiting in lines to get into most museums and other tourist attractions. I love Florence; however, the number of tourists there in peak season is becoming overwhelming and takes away from the great city.

About The Author

Traveling for work as a freelance writer and international house-sitter, Sally has the true “Wanderlust Gene”.  She was born and raised in Southern Alberta, Canada. To date, she has been to over 25 countries and 130 cities. She believes adventure and excitement are found everywhere, a deserted beach, the base of a mountain, a new city, or a small village.  

When she is not writing or out with her camera, she is either at the gym or outside running or most likely making her next travel plans. A few of her favorite things in life other than travel are pasta and seafood, cheese and chocolate, wine and whiskey. Follow her on her blog – Luxurious Lifestyles, Instagram or Facebook.