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Helping YOU Travel As Luxuriously As You Can, As Cheap As You Can!

Our Mission

Luxury Travel Hacks’ mission is to inspire people to travel at the required level of luxury specific to their needs but on the CHEAP. As our tagline states….we want to HELP you to travel as LUXURIOUSLY as you can as CHEAP as you can.  

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Who We Are

About Us

Luxury Travel Hacks is my baby and passion. I am Lauren, the better one in the photo, and an Aussie that is obsessed with travelling at the BEST price. 

With the experience of travelling to over 43 countries, since I was 18, I have managed to see the most amazing places, while never spending my entire life savings. Through either meticulous planning, flexibility, travelling with friends or utilising frequent flyer points I never travel at full price. If this sounds like something that resonates with you, but you are unsure where to start you have come to the right place. 

Now onto the handsome guy in the photo, Jarrad. Hands down this bloke, my husband, supports me and this blog in any way he can. Whether that is being my photographer, my subject on Instagram or merely allowing me to write late at night and share my passion without whinging I couldn’t do this without him. Due to this, he is my partner in life and my partner on this blog.

What We Can Do For You

Provide you with inspiration and real trips and tricks that we have personally used to help you travel. But where to start? What do you need? And do you have time? 

Have Time?

Well, it is all personal preference but we split our Luxury Travel Hacks into the following categories that you can further explore by selecting a category below. 

Don't Have Time?

Please get in contact with us.

Planning travel is a passion of mine but planning travel for as cheap as possible is the holy grail. I would be more than happy to search high and low for the best deals and ways to keep your travel cheap if you would allow me to do so. 

If you are interested please click below for a no obligation deals I can find. 

Our Vision

The vision of Luxury Travel Hacks is to become the number ONE luxury travel hacking website in the world. We hope to provide the most up to date tips and tricks to everyday people all over the world. 

If you have enjoyed our website and found it helpful we would be forever grateful if you shared these Luxury Travel Hacks from our site with your nearest and dearest to help them see the world.